An interview plan is a key feature that supports a structured hiring process. An interview plan in Greenhouse Recruiting should reflect the interviewing process of your entire organization and not just an individual recruiter and/or hiring manager.

Unfortunately, poor stage management over time can lead to overwhelming number of inconsistent and outdated interview plans. In this article, we will present some best practices your organization can implement that enforces more consistent interview plans on future jobs.

Prevent future name stage variations

Audit users in your Greenhouse Recruiting account with Job Admin level permissions and see how many of them have the ability to create new job stage names. This is a user-specific permission that should be limited and not granted to a large number of users.  

Once this permission is revoked from a user with Job Admin level permissions, the user will be unable to create a new stage name when editing the interview plan for a job.

Restrict copying Greenhouse default stages

After you have limited the number of users with Job Admin permission levels who can create new job stage names, your organization will want to restrict a Job Admin's ability to copy Greenhouse Recruiting's default stages to a new job.

We recommend restricting this ability to keep users with Job Admin permission levels from altering interview plans on jobs they create. This restriction in conjunction with the previous restriction (preventing stage name variation), users with Job Admin permission levels can only edit the stages that are included in the template job they are using. 

To restrict users with Job Admin permission levels from copying Greenhouse default stages, click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Permission Policies on the left-hand side


Navigate to All Job Admins on the subsequent page, and deselect the checkbox inline with Allow Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages.


Users with Job Admin permission levels can longer copy Greenhouse default stages when editing a job's interview plan.

Create template jobs

As the name implies, a template job is a template that includes the key components for most of the jobs your organization will open. Combined with an additional restriction (that we will explore in the subsequent section), your organization can configure it so that users with Job Admin permission levels can only use templates as a starting point when creating a new job.  


The number of templates you create will depend on the size of your organization and the differences between pipelines per department. If each department has a unique component to each interview, it may be worth creating a template just for those instances. Regardless of how many template jobs your organization creates, every template should include basic information that is captured for every job.

See the following links for more information on template jobs:

Restrict job creation to template jobs

Once your organization has created the necessary job templates, restrict the job creation process for all Job Admins to only the template jobs you have configured.

Uncheck the box inline with Allow Job Admins to create or copy non-template jobs during job creation on the Permission Policies page.


Users with Job Admin level permissions (who can create new jobs) can now only create new jobs that are based on template jobs where you have given them at least Job Admin level permissions. 

Once the restriction is enacted, users will be directed automatically to the Copy an Existing Job page when they try to create a new job. The Copy an Existing Job page will be filtered so that only jobs marked as a template are visible.

Note: It is important to remember that you will still need to assign Job Admin level access to users for template jobs. By doing this, Greenhouse Recruiting can accurately show the templates a user can access during the job creation process.


Reporting on pre-job stage cleanup

The previous steps outlined in this article are intended to correct your organization's overwhelming number of inconsistent and outdated interview plans for any and all future jobs you may open. These steps do not correct issues related to job reporting prior to this pre-job stage clean-up.

Greenhouse Recruiting cautions against deleting and/or merging job stages in an effort to clean-up your account since it will lead to inaccurate reports and not reflect the historical reality of your jobs. While your organization may lose stage specificity in your historical reports, we suggest that you filter reports by Milestones when reporting on jobs pre-job stage clean-up.