With Auto-Tag, you can set up Application Rules so that, based on an applicant's answer to a job post question, they will automatically be assigned a certain tag. This will allow you to then filter the All Candidates page by tag to view candidates who answered questions a certain way.

Use Case: For example, for the custom job post question, "What cities are you available to work in?", you can configure Auto-Tagging so candidates who answer Boston are automatically tagged with Available for Boston.  

In this article we will cover how to:


Create Custom Candidate Tags

Note: To create custom candidate tags, Job Admin users will require the additional user-specific permission Can manage company metadata

Before enabling an Auto-Tag Application Rule, you will need to add custom candidate tags. To create candidate tags, click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Custom Options on the left-hand panel.


From the Custom Options page, click Candidate Tags in the Company Metadata section. 


From the Manage Candidate Tags page, click Create New Candidate Tag


In the Create a new Candidate Tag dialog box, input a name for your candidate tag. When finished, click Create Candidate Tag



Create Custom Job Post Question

With the custom candidate tag created, next you will create a custom job post question to be associated with your Auto-Tag Application Rule.

Note: Auto-Tagging can be configured only for questions of the following type:
  • Yes/No
  • Single select
  • Multi select

To create a custom question for an existing job post, click All Jobs from your navigation bar and then select a job from the All Jobs page. 


From the Job Dashboard page, click the Job Setup tab, then select Job Posts from the left-hand panel. 


Click edit.png inline with the name of the job post.


Scroll down the Job Post Edit page to locate the Custom Application Question section. Click Add Custom Question.


Input your question in the appropriate field and choose either Yes/No, Single Select, or Multi select from the Answers dropdown. List the available response choices in the Options field. When you have finished, click Add


Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Job Post page and click Save to confirm the changes. 


Configure Auto-Tag Application Rule

Finally, you will configure the Auto-Tag application rule. From the Job Posts page, click Manage Rules (or # Rules if you have configured application rules for the job post previously) under the Application Rules column. 


From the Rules page you can edit or delete existing application rules, or add new ones. To edit existing rules, click the Edit icon edit.png. To delete an existing rule, click the icon. To create a new application rule, click Add a Rule


From the Add a Rule dialog box, select your job post question and the candidate response, and check the box for Tag


Select the appropriate tags from the dropdown menu. You can select more than one tag. When you have finished, click Save

Candidates who respond to the custom job post question with the designated response will be Auto-Tagged with the tags you selected. 


View Auto-tagged Candidates

To view candidates who were Auto-Tagged based on the Application Rules you created, click All Candidates in your navigation bar.


Navigate to Profile Details on the left-hand panel. Click the Candidate Tag filter and select the tag you wish to filter for from the dropdown menu.