Bulk upload prospects with the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access, a Sourcing Automation seat, and LinkedIn Recruiter access

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

You can use the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension for Sourcing Automation to bulk upload prospects from LinkedIn Recruiter. Bulk uploads through the Chrome extension help you to quickly add multiple prospects to your campaign pools and streamline your sourcing workflows.

Open the extension

First, you'll need to open the extension before you can retrieve prospects in LinkedIn.

If you haven't already, install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension.

Tip: Pin the extension to your browser for easy access.

Greenhouse Chrome extension listed in Chrome extensions menu with Pin icon enabled and highlighted

To get started, click the Greenhouse icon in your extensions menu to open the Greenhouse Recruiting extension. Keep the extension open while you complete the next step in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension for Sourcing Automation opened next to Chrome window with extension button highighted in browser

Save LinkedIn prospects to a CSV

In LinkedIn Recruiter, navigate to the Pipeline for your open job.

Mark the checkbox to select each prospect you'd like to save to a CSV file.

Click the three dots icon on the right side of your pipeline navigation bar. Select Save to CSV.

Save to CSV button highlighted in LinkedIn Recruiter

Bulk upload your prospects

Review your prospect list in the extension

Once you save a CSV from LinkedIn Recruiter, the Greenhouse Recruiting extension will immediately display all the prospects included in your file and perform automatic email lookups for them.

Review the list of prospects you're about to bulk upload. Potential duplicates will be flagged with a red exclamation mark. You can remove any prospects you don't want to upload by clicking next to their name.

Click Continue.

Note: If your organization requires email addresses for explicit consent, prospects without an email address won't be added to your campaign pool during bulk upload.

Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension with list of LinkedIn Recruiter prospects to bulk upload

Select a pool and source

Once you've reviewed your list of prospects, select the pool where you'd like to add them in bulk.

LinkedIn will be selected automatically as your source for any bulk uploads from LinkedIn Recruiter.

Note: Your pool and source selections will apply to all prospects uploaded in bulk.

Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension page 2 of bulk uploading with Pool and Source dropdowns highlighted

Provide job details

Next, use the dropdown fields under Job details to select the relevant job and recruiter for prospects.

Click Edit additional details to include any of the following information for these prospects:

  • Coordinator
  • Department
  • Office
  • Prospect owner
  • Tags
  • Notes

Note: Your selected job details will apply to all prospects uploaded in bulk.

Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension page 2 of bulk upload with Job Details dropdowns highlighted

Upload your prospects to Greenhouse Recruiting

Click Upload prospects when you're ready.

Your list of prospects will be uploaded in bulk to the campaign pool you've selected.

Click Upload next prospect to add more prospects individually or in bulk to Greenhouse Recruiting through the extension.

Tip: If your campaign's first step includes a manual task or LinkedIn InMail, visit your campaign pool's Tasks page to manage these.

Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension bulk upload success screen after clicking Upload prospects

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