There are multiple factors that can impact why a job opening is taken offline. The job opening could be placed on temporary hold while recruiters focus on higher-value roles, or the job opening could be cut from the budget altogether, or the open role was filled by either a new hire or backfill hire. 

Close Reasons for Job Openings allows your organization to capture structured metadata about the fate of all your job openings. In this article, we will cover:


Manage Close Reasons for Job Openings

Greenhouse Recruiting provides your organization with default close reasons. However, your organization can edit these defaults and/or create your own close reasons to best suit your organization's needs. 

To manage the Close Reasons for Job Openings, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Custom Options on the left-hand panel. 


From the Company Metadata page, click Close Reasons for Job Openings.


The Manage Close Reasons page, will list all of the available Close Reasons for your organization.

Click Create New Close Reason to add a new Close Reason to the list.


Use the subsequent dialog box to give the Close Reason a name and click Create Close Reason when finished. 


Click Remove in any row to delete the Close Reason from the list.


From the subsequent dialog box, you can choose to either re-assign the Close Reason to another Close Reason on the list before deleting it or you can delete the Close Reason without a re-assignment. 

Note: When you reassign a Close Reason, all closed jobs previously assigned to the old Close Reason will be reassigned to the new Close Reason.

When finished, click Delete Close Reason.



Assign Close Reasons for Job Openings

Once the Close Reasons for Job Openings is configured for your organization, you can find it across multiple areas throughout Greenhouse Recruiting when closing a job opening.

When Marking a Candidate as Hired, navigate to the Close Reason field on the Offer Accepted dialog box and select a Close Reason.

Note: Only users with a Custom Job Admin or Site Admin level permissions and the additional user-specific permission Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers can apply a Close Reason via the Offer Accepted dialog box.


When closing a job via the Job Setup > Job Info > Manage Openings page, apply a Close Reason to 1 or more job openings at a time. This is useful if your organization is downsizing the headcount for a specific role without completely closing the entire role. 

Note: Applying a Close Reason for 1 or more job openings can be performed by any user with Job Admin level permissions or above on the job.


Finally, you can choose a reason when closing a job completely from the Job Info page. This reason will be applied to every unfilled opening that you're closing, so if the job is considered On Hold, you can now represent that in Greenhouse. 



Job Status Report

The Job Status Report will then help you report on this information. It is a data dump of your openings and close reasons across all of your jobs. It will allow high-level reporting of what happened to each job in your system, and can be easily exported to rectify an external hiring plan with what actually happened in a given month, quarter, or year. To learn more, click here