Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

An external job board is a page created in Greenhouse Recruiting that links to your external job posts. Before you publish job posts online, you'll need to create your job board.

Greenhouse Recruiting offers several ways to customize your job board to help you reach your candidates.

Job board basics

Start here to customize your job board by adding your company's name, logo, description, and more. 

Create one or more job boards to meet your sourcing needs

Organizations with Advanced and Expert subscription tiers can create as many external job boards as they’d like.

While smaller organizations may need just one job board, Greenhouse Recruiting offers the flexibility to create multiple job boards to help you engage with your candidates.

Use cases:

  • Job board in your candidates’ language(s): If you want to attract candidates from a Spanish-speaking region while also maintaining a board in English, you may want to create an additional job board dedicated to each language.
  • Job boards for each of your organization’s businesses: If your organization’s structure includes several business entities, you might want a job board dedicated to each individual entity.

Integrate your job board with your organization’s careers page

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to integrate your external job board with the career page you already have on your organization’s website. This ensures candidates who apply through your career page are seamlessly added into Greenhouse Recruiting.

Integrating with your careers page saves time, streamlines the management of your job boards and posts, and simplifies applicant tracking by tracking data from a single place.

Integrate with a job board partner

Greenhouse Recruiting is compatible with dozens of job board integrations to provide a seamless experience for your candidates and simplify your workflow.

Review all of our job board integration parters and choose the integration that best supports your workflow.

For example, when you use an integration like Indeed Apply or LinkedIn Easy Apply, your candidates can apply directly from the Indeed or LinkedIn sites without needing to take the additional step of navigating to your company's careers page.