Generally, when a new employee is onboarded, there are various logistical pieces of information that the Manager must provide to make onboarding successful. For example, the following questions would require input from an onboarding employee's manager:

  • What kind of software should be ordered for the new hire? 
  • What distribution lists should the new hire be added to? 
  • Where is the new hire going to sit? 
  • What kind of computer equipment needs to be ordered for the employee? 
  • Should the new hire be given a company credit card? 
  • Who will the new employee's mentor be? 

Greenhouse Onboarding's Manager Form feature aggregates these types of questions for quick and easy access from a Manager's Dashboard. In this article, we will cover how to:


Configure Manager Form

Manager Forms are created from the aggregated employee fields that a user assigned to the Manager role can edit from the Settings > Permissions > Manager Additional Access page.

Note: Manager access to employee fields for direct reports is configured by users with the Owner permissions.


Any employee field checked under the Can Edit for Direct Reports column will be included in the Manager Form. To learn more about configuring Manager Additional Access, click here.


Manager Notification       

When a user is assigned to the Manager role for a New Hire, the user will be notified via email to provide information for the New Hires onboarding.

Click Fill Out Information.


The Manager will be redirected to the Manager Form page for the New Hire where they can input values into the employee fields.

Click Continue when finished.


Once the Manager has provided all answers, Admins will receive an email notification alerting them that the information has been provided.