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Greenhouse Onboarding: Manager Form

When you onboard a new employee, there are usually multiple pieces of information you need to collect from their manager in order for the onboarding to be successful (Where are they sitting? Do they need Photoshop on their computer?). Information can easily slip through the cracks of multiple emails.

With Greenhouse Onboarding's Manager Form you can collect information needed for onboarding directly from the Hiring Manager before the new hire starts. 


What kind of information can I collect in the Manager form? 

  • What kind of software should be ordered for the new hire? 
  • What distribution lists should the new hire be added to? 
  • Where is the new hire going to sit? 
  • What kind of computer equipment needs to be ordered for the employee? 
  • Should the new hire be given a company credit card? 
  • Who will the new employee's mentor be? 


How do I create the Manager form? 

To create the Manager Form, you'll need to set up or adjust some Fields (learn more about Fields here):

  • Go to Settings > Fields
  • Select Add Field, or put an existing Field into Edit Mode
  • Select Allow Manager Access
  • Save
  • Please note: If you do not select Allow Employee Access or give View permissions to All Employees, the answers will not be visible to the new hire. 




How will the Manager be notified? 

When you onboard your next employee, their manager will be notified via email and an in app notification that they need to provide information for their onboarding. Learn about onboarding an employee here. 

Email sent to Manager: 

Notification Manager sees in app:



Manager selects employees name from list: 


When the Manager selects the new employees name from the list of new hires, they will be taken to the Manager Form within Greenhouse Onboarding. 



Will I be alerted when all of the information has been filled out?

Once the Manager has provided all answers, Admins will receive an email notification alerting them that the information has been provided. 

Admins can then run a report to view all answers for all new hires. To learn about running reports, including be able to filter results by employee start date, check out are article here