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Strategic Rejection Reasons

In addition to requiring rejections reasons for every rejected candidate, users can add custom rejection reasons by going to Configure > Custom Options > Rejection Reasons.
While we urge you to speak with your legal counsel to craft your own unique, specific rejection reasons, here are some examples of good and bad reasons (also called disposition codes).
Examples of bad rejection reasons
  • More qualified applicant selected
  • Not chosen
  • Interviewed/screened
  • Applicant disqualified
  • Blank
Strategic rejection reasons - We rejected them
  • Better qualified candidates selected – education
  • Not willing to work for compensation
  • Data management techniques
  • Position eliminated/on hold
  • Not willing to work hours
  • Failed Test
  • Did Not Show for Drug Test
  • Failed Background Check
  • Company does not wish to sponsor work visa
Strategic rejection reasons - They rejected us
  • Accepted another positions within the company
  • Accepted position with another company
  • Candidate applied to wrong position or no longer interested
  • Compensation/salary range unacceptable
  • Position does not meet career objectives
  • Location unacceptable
  • No show to interview 
  • Did not return calls