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A rejection reason is a configurable field when rejecting a candidate or prospect from a job and is categorized into three main types:

  • We rejected them
  • They rejected us
  • None specified

Capturing structured data around why a candidate or prospect was ultimately rejected from a job can impact the way your organization analyzes its recruiting efforts by revealing any potential trends that are keeping you from making a hire.

Example: Your organization is having trouble making a hire for a job despite having many candidates who entered the late stages of your interview plan.

Use the Rejection Reasons report to see why candidates might have declined an offer. If the reason is Didn't like offer, this might be an indicator that your team needs to reevaluate overall compensation for the role. However, if the reason is "lacking skills and qualifications," it may be valuable to rethink your interview plan.

In addition to customizable rejection reasons, Greenhouse Recruiting provides your organization with the following default rejection reasons:

Default rejection reason Reason type
Duplicate We rejected them
Lacking skill(s)/qualification(s) We rejected them
Not a cultural fit We rejected them
Other (add notes below) We rejected them
Preferred another candidate We rejected them
Spam We rejected them
Didn't like offer They rejected us
Other They rejected us
Wasn't available They rejected us
Wasn't interested They rejected us
None specified None specified

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