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Email Best Practices

Email deliverability is an incredibly complex problem but the impact is simple -- your users and candidates need to receive your messages to keep your hiring goals on track! Below we've outlined some frequent pitfalls and possible solutions to help ensure your messages have the best shot of reaching their intended recipients.


1. Check your email verification

Messages sent through Greenhouse may seem like they are coming from your normal email address, but they are actually sent on behalf of one of our third-party mail servers. When you first sign up for Greenhouse, the From: field will list your email address, but the Sender: field -- where the email is actually coming from -- will list the mail server instead. Since spammers have been known to use a similar method to imitate legitimate email addresses, sometimes mail providers will start to mark these messages as spam or block them altogether.

Luckily, you can verify your domain to let mail providers know that your company has given us permission to send on your behalf, which should drastically improve your overall deliverability rate. Nearly 100% of companies without verified domains will report issues with missing messages at some point, so we'd suggest working with your IT team to get things verified sooner rather than later.

2. Check your spammyness score

Certain sites allow you to send a test email to check the overall health of your domain to see whether past behavior has negatively impacted your deliverability. If you're concerned about things going to spam, try a site like this!

3. Create a new email domain for recruiting

If outgoing emails to candidates are getting caught by spam filters due to the overall health of your company's domain, consider asking your IT team to create a separate email domain for users on the recruiting team (ie. or After the new domain is created, please contact or your account manager to ensure that the new email domain gets verified and is added to your Greenhouse account! 

4. Allowlist our mail providers' IPs to help internal deliverability

If your users aren't receiving automated emails, @mentions, or other messages sent through Greenhouse, consider asking your IT team to allowlist our mail providers' IP addresses

5. Add an email signature

Did you know you can add an email signature to your Greenhouse profile, then include it in your email templates so it's always readily available? Not only does it help give context to your role in the company and jazz up your templates, but emails with professional signatures are less likely to be flagged as spam!

6. Create longer templates

Short emails, especially ones that include links, are more likely to be flagged as spam. If you're sending out the same types of messages over and over (like the Candidate Availability Request Message), consider adding a little more content to that template to hopefully avoid getting flagged.

7. Add specific content in the body and subject

Sending many identical messages all at once could increase your chance of being flagged as spam, so using the tokens for candidate name and other specific information might help improve deliverability over time.

8. Avoid Spam words

Some words are spammier than others, so make sure the verbiage you're including in your emails doesn't contain too many of these types of words