Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome subscription tiers

Owners can configure which employees have access to view and report on onboarding feedback.

Create custom access roles with the Can manage and report on feedback permission stripe. You can assign this role to allow specific users to view feedback responses in employee profiles and access the feedback report.

Add feedback permissions to a custom role

To get started, you'll need to configure a new or existing custom role with permission to manage and report on feedback.

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, navigate to Settings Data Flow > Permissions.

Settings page in Greenhouse Onboarding with Settings Data Flow and Permissions tabs highlighted

In the Custom Access panel, click an existing custom access role to manage its permissions.

Custom Access panel in Greenhouse Onboarding permissions settings with existing custom role hovered over and highlighted

You can also click Create New to create a new custom access role. Give your new role a Name, then click Save and Close to begin editing this role's permissions.

Create custom access role dialog box with Can manage and report on feedback entered as name for new role and Save button highlighted

Navigate to the Settings tab in your custom role.

Under Permissions, mark the checkbox Can manage and report on feedback.

Settings tab in new custom role with Can manage and report on feedback permission enabled and highlighted

Your changes are saved automatically.

Any user who's assigned this role will now have access to view feedback responses in employee profiles and view the feedback report.

In the next step, you can limit access to manage feedback for specific employees based on rules that you define for each custom access user.

Assign users to a custom role with feedback permissions

Next, assign permission to manage feedback to specific users in your organization. You can also add rules to define which employees' feedback responses can be viewed by custom users with this role.

Navigate to the Users tab for your custom role, then click Add user.

Users tab in new custom access role with Add User button highlighted

Under the Add user(s) field, use the dropdown menu to select each user in your organization that you want to assign to this custom role.

Note: You can add multiple users simultaneously during this step. Be aware that adding multiple users at once will give them all the same match rules, which are defined below. If you need custom users to have different rules for managing employee feedback responses, add them one at a time or in batches.

Three users added to new custom role for managing employee feedback with Add users field highlighted

Define rules to manage employee feedback

Use any of the following fields to define which employee feedback responses this user will have access to when viewing employee profiles or the feedback report:

  • Department matches – manage feedback for employees from specific departments
  • Location matches – manage feedback for employees from specific locations
  • Employment Status matches – manage feedback for employees with specific employment statuses
  • Other Criteria matches – manage feedback for employees with matching other criteria

Sales and Portland selected as department and location matches for new custom role to manage feedback

Example: You'd like to give three Sales managers custom access to view feedback responses from employees based in Portland, Oregon, and working in the Sales department.

Select the three managers' names from the Add user(s) dropdown.

Select Sales from the Department matches menu.

Select Portland from the Location matches menu.

Once you save your selections, these three managers will be able to view feedback responses for employees in the Sales department who are based in Portland, Oregon.

Click Save and Close. Repeat the process of adding users and defining their specific access rules as needed.

Once you're finished, custom access users assigned this permission will be able to view feedback responses for matching employees in employee profiles and in the feedback report.

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