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What are Multi Job Boards? How do I set them up?

Until now, each Greenhouse account could only support two job boards -- the external board on your jobs page and the internal board Greenhouse users can use to apply to new positions. With our most recent release, we've blown that concept out of the water to allow you to create as many external-facing boards as you like!

If you have multiple companies as part of one organization, you can now create a custom board for each one and adjust the styling to look just the way you want it! A handy side effect of this change is that you can now create an anonymous job board, which will allow you to send certain candidates a link to the board without it showing up on your primary job site!

Site Admins will now see a few new options when they head over to the Configure > Job Board page. Here's the job board for my company, Just Juice (a DIY juicing shop..think 16 Handles meets Jamba Juice). The first thing you'll notice is the new button, + New Job Board.

When you click it, you are taken to a page that should look very familiar. Here you'll name your board, add the description and logo, choose the job board URL, and configure the rest of the normal job board settings.

After you save, make sure to publish the board to bring it online! 

You can then edit each position on the Job Setup > Job Post page to decide which job should appear on which job board. Each job can only be posted to one external board, but the option to post to the Internal Board has been changed to a checkbox to allow you to post all of your external jobs to a single internal board. If you want a job to be internal only, check this box and select No external job board from the dropdown.

Since this process could be tedious for companies with many jobs, we've also added a bulk action setting that you can use to assign many of your jobs to a particular board all at once. Site Admins with the advanced permission for Can bulk edit jobs can check out this guide on bulk editing job posts.

When you head back to your Configure > Job Board page, you can click Edit Jobs next to each board to see an overview of what positions are listed on that board. The dropdown at the top of the page lets you swap between each of the boards. 

If you decide you want to delete a job board, first remove all of the jobs from it and reassign them to a different board. Once the board is empty, you'll see the option to delete it altogether.

Since you might want to have slightly different messaging for each board, there will also be a new {{COMPANY}} token in some email templates that you can use when communicating with candidates. This will pull the name of your External Job Board when sending emails like candidate availability and your "Thanks for Applying" messages.

When users generate their tracking links, they will see the dropdown to select a job-specific link, but they can also generate a separate link for each of your overall boards as well.

Finally, users with the Developer permission to manage Job Board related API Credentials can also go to the Configure > Dev Center > Configuring Your Job Board page to adjust the settings for each external board. Tracking link urls, url tokens, custom CSS files, and other settings can be changed here for one board at a time. Adjusting the dropdown at the top of the page lets you swap to another external board instead.


**Please note that this feature is available to Pro/Standard and Enterprise/Premium customers only. Reach out to your designated Account Manager or our Customer Support Team ( if you'd like to upgrade from our Core/Basic product package.