Greenhouse Recruiting enables your organization to create multiple external job boards. This feature is particularly useful for organizations who are comprised of multiple companies who want individual custom job boards for each company.

Note: There is no limit to the total number of external job boards created by your organization.


Add Multiple External Job Boards

To add a new external job board to your organization's account, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Job Board on the left-hand panel.


From the Job Board page, click Create a Job Board.


You will be directed to the Create Your Job Board page. Configure your new job board with a name, description, logo, job board URL, and any other settings needed for the job board.

Note: All additional job boards will initially be hosted by Greenhouse Recruiting unless a user with developer permissions provides a new job board URL. To learn more about the difference between Greenhouse hosted and non-hosted job boards, and how to edit the job board URL, please click here


When finished configuring the job board's settings, click Save.

Once saved, navigate back to the Configure > Job Board page and click the toggle under the Status column inline with the job board so that it reads Live.



Configure Developer Settings for New Job Board

By default, your organization's new job board will be hosted by Greenhouse Recruiting and will have the Root URL We will then affix your job board token to the Root URL to distinguish it between it and other job boards in your organization.

However, Greenhouse users with the user-specific permission Can manage Job Board related API Credentials can customize the job board URL if the job board will be hosted on a different server, and any other settings for the external job board.

For more information please visit:

External job boards can only be configured one at a time. To change the job board you are configuring, use the Configure another job board: dropdown menu to navigate between the job boards you are editing.


Select New Job Board When Creating Job Post

When Greenhouse users create a new job or edit an existing job, use the Post To dropdown menu to select the job board that will receive the job post.

Every job post can only be posted to one external board. However, your organization can duplicate job posts and post them to different job boards.


For more information on how to perform this action across multiple job, click here.


{{COMPANY}} Token

Associated with multiple job boards, is the {{COMPANY}} token that can be inserted into different forms, emails, offers, etc... when communicating with candidates. The value for the token is pulled from the name of your external job board.