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What is the Hiring Manager Review stage? How do I add it to my Interview Plan?

Some companies want to include a secondary application review step and allow a Hiring Manager to view the candidates that initially caught a recruiter's eye. In cases like this, you can use the Hiring Manager Review stage to add a another review step to each of your jobs. This can also be done in bulk. 

To set it up, head to the Job Setup > Interview Plan page, scroll to the bottom, and add the special stage to your job. Drag the stage where you want it in the flow (usually right after application review), then make any changes you'd like to the Interview Kit. 

This stage is tied to the Hiring Manager role on the Job Setup > Hiring Team page.

Any Job or Site Admins with this responsibility will see the number of applications within the Hiring Manager Review stage under the Applications to Review section. 


You'll also notice the special Hiring Manager Review stage within the sidebar on the job's dashboard as well: