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Your organization can post jobs from your job board to LinkedIn for free using LinkedIn Limited Listings. While these free job ads won't appear as prominently as ads purchased directly through LinkedIn's paid ads, they can help expand your reach and allow you to access more candidates at no additional cost to your organization.

Unlike other free external job boards such as Indeed, which are enabled on a per-job basis through the job post, LinkedIn Limited Listings are handled at the organization level in Greenhouse Recruiting. LinkedIn Limited Listings posts will either be on or off for every job that's currently live on your job board.

Enable LinkedIn Limited Listings

Greenhouse Recruiting needs your organization's LinkedIn company ID to associate posted jobs with your organization on LinkedIn Limited Listings.

Tip: Follow the steps in this article to find your organization's LinkedIn company ID.

With your LinkedIn company ID, you're ready to enable LinkedIn. Log in to Greenhouse Recruiting, and click the Configure icon on your navigation bar.

Click Job Boards & Posts on the left.

Locate the job board on which you wish to enable LinkedIn Limited Listings, and click the Ellipsis icon next to the job board. Click Edit Board Settings from the dropdown.

The Configure Job Boards page shows example job boards with Edit Board Settings highlighted in marigold on a job board dropdown menu

Note: If you want to enable LinkedIn Limited Listings for multiple job boards, repeat these instructions for each job board.

Scroll to Turn on Limited Listings on LinkedIn and click Yes.

Paste your organization's LinkedIn ID in the Company ID field. This ensures your LinkedIn job posts are associated with your organization.

LinkedIn Limited Listings settings are shown on Greenhouse Recruiting with an example Company ID entered

When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Any candidates who apply through a link on one of your LinkedIn Limited Listings posts will be added to Greenhouse Recruiting with the source LinkedIn Limited Listing.

Tip: To use tracking links on LinkedIn, check out Create a tracking link for a single job post.

General considerations

There are some important distinctions between LinkedIn paid ads and LinkedIn Limited Listings with Greenhouse Recruiting:

Job details

LinkedIn Limited Listings uses an algorithm to review your job posts and generate a high-level Job Details section, which is displayed next to each of your Limited Listings posts. This section includes auto-generated settings like the following:

    • Seniority level
    • Industry
    • Employment type (Full-time, part-time, contract)
    • Job functions

Job details are auto-generated by LinkedIn and can't be edited in Greenhouse Recruiting. If the job details added to your LinkedIn Limited Listings are incorrect, reach out to LinkedIn support directly for assistance.


LinkedIn Limited Listings only appear through LinkedIn's search after relevant paid LinkedIn paid job slots and ads.

Additionally, Limited Listings don't appear in recommendations on LinkedIn. This means LinkedIn Limited Listings are visible only to the subset of LinkedIn members who are actively searching for jobs.

Limited Listings can't be sponsored across LinkedIn. If you're interested in flexible paid posts, check out LinkedIn job wrapping.


If you post jobs to LinkedIn Limited Listings, you won't have access to LinkedIn job analytics, suggested matches, people who have viewed the job, or other special LinkedIn data analyses. Consider Greenhouse Recruiting reports instead.

Job post locations

A location must be provided in order to publish a job post to LinkedIn Limited, including for remote positions. Your job post won't save in Greenhouse Recruiting without a valid location entered, even with remote job post enabled.

An example job post configuration is shown on Greenhouse Recruiting with LinkedIn Limited Listings enabled, Remote checked, and an example location of New York, New York, United States

Tip: Learn more about remote job posts on Greenhouse Recruiting.

Pay ranges

If your job post doesn't include a pay range, LinkedIn may provide an estimated pay range for your job post. To avoid automatic salary estimates on third-party job boards, use Greenhouse Recruiting's pay transparency to add pay ranges to your job post.