Create a tracking link for a single job post

Permissions: Job Admin or higher

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Tracking links are unique URLs to track where a candidate is applying from. You can create tracking links for an entire job board or a single post for a job. Check out the steps below for more information on how to track a single job post in a larger job.

Click here for more information on tracking links.

Create a tracking link for a single post

Find the job on the All Jobs page. Click Job Posts on the Job Setup tab.


Note: You can also find this button in the box at the bottom of the Job Dashboard.


Click the Tracking Link icon Icon_-_Job_Tracking_Link.png under the specific post you want to track. 


Choose the source and who gets credit.

Click Create link


Copy the link and paste it on any job boards or resources that you want to track. 


Note: If you lose this job tracking link, you will have to generate a new one, which will create a new group of tracked data. 

Tracking links may also be generated under a job's Sourcing tab. Navigate to any job and select Sourcing > then select Tasks on the left. Click Create New Tracking Link and choose the job post, sourcing strategy, and who gets credit.


Then select Create Link and Copy the resulting tracking link to share on any job boards or resources that you want to track.