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Who are my company's In-House Contacts? How do I set them up?

What happens when you need to bulk edit a job or see a candidate's Private tab, but you don't have the correct permissions? Rather than reaching out to the head of recruiting at your company, you can find the In-House Contacts for your office and easily get in touch with a person who can get things changed for you.

A Site Admin can set your contacts on the Configure > Organization page. If you click the pencil icon next to an office, you can select another user to serve as the contact for this office. Only Site Admins with the added permissions to edit another user's advanced permissions AND see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers will appear on this dropdown, since they are the ones who are able to grant every permission in Greenhouse. 

After your contacts are set, any user can click Hi, NAME in the upper right corner of Greenhouse, then choose My Info. Next to your permissions at the bottom of the page, you'll see a button for My Organization's In-House Contacts.

Clicking this button will bring you to a list of contacts for each department, allowing users to easily get in touch with someone when they have questions or need something adjusted!