How does the new DocuSign Integration work? What has changed?

A few things have recently changed about our integration with DocuSign:

  • The integration is now set up on a per-user basis instead of being activated by only one user for the whole organization. This should simplify permissions and ensure that everyone who should have access to send documents is able to do so without problems.
  • If your organization is currently using SSO to connect to DocuSign, you'll need to be on the new version of SSO that DocuSign supports, rather than the legacy version.
  • Send of behalf of (SOBO) settings don't need to be configured within Docusign before enabling the integration and sending out offers.
  • Users can only send from their own email address, but all documents will be saved against that user account when logging into DocuSign.

Greenhouse and DocuSign have created an integration so that you can seamlessly use the two products together to send offer letters to candidates and obtain signatures electronically.

Here's an overview of the steps:

  1. Enable the integration. Each person with access to your organization's DocuSign account will need to enter their username and password on Integrations to connect their DocuSign account to Greenhouse. 
  2. Add special DocuSign tokens to offer letter templates, and upload them to Greenhouse.
  3. When creating an offer for a candidate, generate the offer letter using the template that contains the DocuSign token(s).  
  4. Choose the option to send the offer letter to the candidate via DocuSign.Greenhouse users with the "Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers" permission will be able to send offer letters through the DocuSign integration.
  5. Preview the document in DocuSign, and then send from there.
  6. Once all signatures have been collected, the fully executed document will automatically be uploaded to the Private tab on the candidate's profile page. 

Enabling the Integration

To use the DocuSign integration with Greenhouse, your team will need to have either a Business or Standard Envelope Plan.  If your team uses SSO to log in, then a Greenhouse user must have purchased at least 5 licenses under the Advanced Solutions Plan.

  • When you are logged into Greenhouse, select Integrations
  • Scroll down the page and click DocuSign
  • Enter your DocuSign username and password, and then click Connect
  • You will be redirected to DocuSign. Enter your e-mail address. If you use SSO, you will be redirected to your authentication provider for DocuSign. Otherwise, you'll need to enter your password. 
  • Once you sign in, you'll be redirected back to DocuSign and the integration will say "Connected"



Adding the DocuSign token(s) to offer letter templates

If you've never created an offer letter template in Greenhouse, click here to read the full set of instructions.

With the DocuSign integration enabled, there will be three additional tokens available to include in the offer letter template you create:

The placement of these tokens will determine where the electronic signatures will go. 

* Please note that DocuSign tokens need to be on their own line within templates to work correctly.

Here's an example:

Once you've created the offer letter template, don't forget to upload it:

  • Click the Configure tab
  • Click Offer Letter Templates
  • Click the Upload New button
  • Click Choose File to locate the file on your computer
  • Click Save Template

Generating the offer letter

In order to take advantage of the DocuSign integration, the offer letter must be generated through Greenhouse.

Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to a candidate's profile page
  • Click the Private tab
  • Click to create an offer, or if an offer already exists, click Generate Offer Letter
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate template
  • Click Generate

Sending with DocuSign

Once the offer letter has been generated, click Send with DocuSign.

From the Send with DocuSign modal, you will be able to select an email template or simply type the message to the candidate to go along with the offer letter.  If the offer letter you've generated includes the company signature token, don't forget to select the appropriate user from the To User field.  To proceed with sending the letter, click Preview on DocuSign.

Clicking Preview on DocuSign will launch DocuSign.  From here, you can add fields or choose to send the letter by clicking Send in the lower right corner.


Document Statuses 

You can check on the status of the document within Greenhouse while viewing the details of the offer.  There are three statuses that will be displayed in Greenhouse: 


1) A long dash is displayed when the offer document has been sent to the candidate via DocuSign and is awaiting action from the candidate.



2) "Pending" is displayed when the candidate has reviewed the offer document sent to them via DocuSign but has not yet signed it.



3) A date is displayed when the candidate has signed the offer document.  You'll also notice a green checkmark to the left of the candidate's email address where there was previously a white circle.



Tracking signatures and accessing the fully executed letter

The user who sent the offer letter will receive notifications via email when all of the signatures have been collected.  As well, the status of signatures can be tracked via the Private tab on the candidate's profile.  The fully executed letter will automatically be uploaded and accessible via the Private tab on the candidate's profile page.




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  • Avatar
    Sarah Ruth Boyer

    Can we edit the documents in DocuSign? Sometimes GH would generate the token fields, and we have to manually edit them.

    Additionally, can we send multiple documents to our candidates with the offer document that needs to be DocuSigned (benefits one-sheet, employment applications)? I'm having a lot of difficulty configuring the integration in a way that is helpful to our team. Thank you!

  • Avatar

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes, before sending, you can preview your documents in DocuSign and make any necessary changes. You can also add more than one item at a time, but it's a little tricky to do. When you are generating an offer document, select more than one template in the box before clicking Generate. Anything you choose will be added all at once, then you can push it over to DocuSign to send.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Joseph Schindel

    is there a way for Greenhouse to automatically disable an offer document if the candidate declines an offer?

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Joseph,

    I'm a little unsure what you mean by "disable an offer". The best action to take if a candidate declines an offer is to reject them with rejection reason "candidate declined offer". But there isn't any additional functionality around declined offers - the offer letter isn't removed from the profile.

    Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Avatar
    Beth Sallomi

    Hi - we have not integrated with Docusign yet - just a question about how the fields and signature lines work once the integration occurs. If we want to send the offer plus other onboarding docs thru GH/Docusign, is there the ability to create templates for the onboarding docs to be filled in and signed via Docusign if sent from GH?

  • Avatar
    Alexa Lytle

    Hi Beth,

    You can also generate these on boarding docs when you generate the offer documents. When you click on the "generate offer" button, you would just make sure to select all of these documents and then you'll be able to generate them all at once and send them out via Docusign.

    Hope this helps!

  • Avatar
    Beth Sallomi

    if we want to test using the integration with a trial version of docusign is that possible? thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Beth,

    I'm not 100% sure if Docusign offers sandbox accounts. I recommend reaching out to the Docusign team with that request!


  • Avatar
    Beth Sallomi

    I will do - just to clarify - Greenhouse does not require a specific version of Docusign license to use for integration? I thought I heard on the webinar that you need Enterprise, so just wanted to check.

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    I believe any version will work (standard, business, or enterprise), but I definitely recommend clarifying that with the Docusign team!


  • Avatar
    Maureen OMalley

    We have two users who regularly issue offer letters. Do they all need their own docu sign account or can they use mine? We do not have a corporate account.

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Maureen,

    I believe you need only one account, but you'll have to add multiple users to it in Docusign for them to be able to send offers.


  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Stukuls

    What if we have a multi-signature offer letter? Can we have them sign multiple documents within a single file? It doesn't seem so...why not? Alternately, can we send multiple documents individually, each with their own "single" signature (meaning one from candidate, one from company)?

  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Yes, the way the integration is set up with DocuSign, only one signature is allowed per document.

    You can, however, send multiple documents individually/as separate documents with their own "single" signature. One thing to note is that you must upload all the documents you want to send at the same time. If you go back to add an additional document, it will override the previously uploaded one.​

    Hope that helps! If you'd like anything clarified or if you have any other questions, feel free to email us at :)​


  • Avatar
    Amy Carr

    Some of our offer documents require two signatures- the candidate must sign and an officer from our company must also sign the same document (e.g. arbitration agreement). Does the Greenhouse/Docusign integration support this?

  • Avatar
    Karen Situ

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for reaching out! Our Docusign/GH integration does in fact support this. As long as your offer letters include the following tokens, Docusign should detect that it requires both the candidate signature and the company signature.


    If you would like, you can also determine the order of when the candidate signs the document when you preview with Docusign.

    Hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions on this.

    All the best,

  • Avatar
    Barry Marshall

    If User1 is responsible for preparing and initiating the process (eg. clicking "Send with DocuSign") but User2 is the company officer responsible for signing, how does that work so that "Company Signature" can be assigned to someone other than the one sending the offer?

  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang

    Hi Barry,

    The Company Signature token from DocuSign cannot be assigned to a specific user. The best way to handle this is to include the actual company signature in your offer template. Then, you can set up an approval flow that involves whoever is supposed to sign. This way, you can just send the document to the candidate after it's been approved.

    I hope this clarifies everything! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

    Kind regards,
    Lucia Hoang

  • Avatar
    Emma Jones

    We don't have docusign but would like to automate offers with e-signatures. Is this a feature of Greenhouse or expected to become one?

  • Avatar
    Mary Kathleen Morelli

    Hello Emma,

    Thank you for reaching out about this! At this time, DocuSign is our Electronic Signatures partner. We do not offer e-signature capabilities as a feature directly within Greenhouse.

    All the best,

  • Avatar
    Nina Schuchman

    Hi there --

    I have a follow-up question regarding the company signature as Barry posted above. I understand that you're suggesting sending out offers pre-signed by the company. However, included with our offer letters are NDAs in which the new hire can include additional information for us to review and then countersign. Therefore, we cannot pre-sign the letters. Currently it looks like we can default a CC option in the offer templates. We'd like to do the same with the "To User" field so that it can be defaulted to a member of our core HR team for all offers to avoid any mishaps where a counter-signer is accidentally excluded when the offer is sent out.

    Can this default functionality be added to the offer templates?

  • Avatar
    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Since your process requires some back and forth between your company and the candidate, I'd recommend doing this process outside of Greenhouse. When the offer is complete, you can send the file with the Greenhouse/Docusign integration to have on record.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out to with any follow up questions!

    Thank you,

  • Avatar
    Marcus Oliveira

    Hello GH,

    Apologies if I missed this, but it looks like tokens for salary and bonus are not available. Does this mean we have to manually change this every time?

  • Avatar
    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for writing in! I will create a ticket to follow up with you via email in regards to this issue.