DocuSign pioneered the development of cloud-based e-signature technology, helping organizations of all sizes securely connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage digital agreements.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with DocuSign allows your team to add specialized tokens to your created offer templates so candidate offer documents are efficiently generated and sent out for signature with ease.


The DocuSign integration can be leveraged in Greenhouse Recruiting by all organizations, regardless of their DocuSign subscription tier. Some DocuSign functionality, however, will be limited depending on the subscription.

Reach out to your DocuSign account manager for questions on purchasing the appropriate plan for your team. To experience full integration functionality, DocuSign recommends purchasing a Business Pro plan.

For additional considerations when using the DocuSign integration in Greenhouse Recruiting, see below.

Enable the DocuSign integration

To enable DocuSign for your individual Greenhouse Recruiting account, click Integrations on your navigation bar.

The Integrations button is highlighted on the navigation bar in marigold

On the Integrations and Partners page, search and select DocuSign, then click Connect.

The Integrations page shows DocuSign integration with Connect button highlighted in marigold

You'll be redirected to the DocuSign platform and prompted to enter your DocuSign credentials.

Once done, click Accept to grant Greenhouse Recruiting permission to access your DocuSign account.

The DocuSign integration shows Accept button highlighted in marigold

You'll be redirected back to Greenhouse Recruiting after finishing, where the integration will indicate it is connected.

Note: If you use SSO, you'll be redirected to your authentication provider for DocuSign. You'll need to be on the new version of SSO that DocuSign supports. Send-on-behalf-of settings don't need to be configured within DocuSign before enabling the integration and sending out offers.

Add DocuSign tokens to your offer letter templates

After DocuSign is enabled for your account, four additional tokens will become available to include in any created offer letter templates:


The placement of your new DocuSign tokens determines where the electronic signatures show up in the offer letter template.

Use a document editor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word to edit your offer template and add in the DocuSign tokens in your desired signature placement.

Note: DocuSign tokens must be on their own line on offer templates to work correctly.


DocuSign offer tokens are shown on their own line on an offer template

After modifying existing offer templates to include the DocuSign tokens, re-upload the templates to Greenhouse Recruiting to streamline team utilization.

Note: Job Admins will need the Can manage offer templates user-specific permission assigned to modify existing offer templates.

Site Admins will need the Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approvals, and approve jobs/offers user-specific permission assigned. To learn more, click here.

Upload updated offer templates

To upload your modified offer templates, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then select Offer Templates on the left.

Click + Upload New.

The Configure, Offer Templates, Upload New button is highlighted in marigold

Fill in the appropriate fields, and click Choose File to locate the offer template on your computer.

On an example offer template the Save button is highlighted in marigold

When finished, click Save Template.

Next, find the updated DocuSign offer template uploaded and Test.

On an example offer template, the Test button is highlighted in marigold

Testing the template will check your document for any unsupported tokens. If all tokens in the template are supported, the template status will read Verified.

Note: If an error occurs when testing offer templates containing DocuSign tokens, check and confirm DocuSign is enabled for your user account before re-trying. To learn more on troubleshooting offer template tokens, click here.

Use the DocuSign integration in Greenhouse Recruiting

Generate and send an offer letter with DocuSign

To generate and send an offer letter using the DocuSign integration, navigate to a candidate's profile and select the Offer Details tab.

Click Create Offer and fill in the appropriate fields for your candidate's offer.

On an example vandidate profile, the Create Offer button is highlighted in marigold

Once the offer details are complete, scroll to the Offer Documents section and click Generate.

Note: If you prefer to upload one or more documents from your computer rather than generating from an offer template, click Upload instead of Generate. For additional insights on generating multiple documents to send for signature, see below.

Use the provided dropdown to select your offer template. Click Generate again.

The Generate button is highlighted beside a candidate offer

From the listed sending options, select Send with DocuSign.

Send with DocuSign is highlighted in marigold among a variety of different send options

Next, select an email template or simply type the message to the candidate to go along with the offer letter.

Then click Preview on DocuSign.

Note: You can only send offer letters from your own email address.

The Preview on DocuSign button is highlighted on the candidate profile with a pending offer

Note: If the offer letter you've generated includes the {{COMPANY_SIGNATURE}} token, select the appropriate person to sign on behalf of your company using the To User field.

Users with job-based permissions assigned on the job can be selected on the To User dropdown. If someone doesn't appear that you expect to see, check their permissions.

On DocuSign, you'll see your offer letter tokens have populated signature fields. You can add additional fields, change the signing order, and modify interactions using the panel on the left.

An example offer letter is shown on DocuSign from Omnivia Corp with additional fields panel highlighted on the left of the page

Select the Settings icon at the top-right > Edit Documents to edit, add, and configure documents.

An example offer letter is shown on DocuSign from Omniva Corp with the Edit Documents button highlighted at the top-right

Select Actions at the top > Edit Recipients to edit the signing order.

An example offer letter from Omniva Corp is shown on DocuSign with the Actions, Edit Recipients button highlighted in marigold at the top right

Toggle Set signing order, then order the signers. Click Done.

Screenshot of Edit signign order on DocuSign

You can also set expiration timers on the offer. Click Actions > Advanced Options to explore additional settings.

When you're ready to send the letter, click Send.

An example offer letter from Omniva Corp is shown in DocuSign with the date and signature fields highlighted

Track signatures and access a fully signed offer letter

Once an offer letter is sent with DocuSign, you can check on the status of the document within Greenhouse Recruiting on the candidate's Offer Details tab.

Check out the table below more information on the offer status:

A dash indicates the offer document has been sent to the candidate by DocuSign and is awaiting action from the candidate.
Pending Pending indicates the candidate has reviewed the offer document sent by DocuSign, but has not yet signed it.
01/01/2024 A date indicates the candidate or counter-signer has signed the offer document on this date.

The person who sent the offer letter will receive email notifications when all of the signatures have been collected.

Once all signatures are collected, a fully signed letter will be uploaded to the candidate's profile and accessible on the candidate's Details tab under the All Attachments section.

General considerations

Enabling DocuSign

Every team member at your organization who wishes to use the integration will need to follow the setup instructions outlined in this article above. This includes users who may not need to send documents for signature, but may need to sign.

Setting up the DocuSign integration globally for your organization is not supported at this time.

DocuSign tokens on offer templates

Envelopes on DocuSign are digital containers holding one or more documents for sending, signing, and tracking your e-signature documents. When sending offers using the DocuSign integration, your offer letters are wrapped in envelopes from DocuSign.

For successful signature placement and tracking, add the specialized DocuSign tokens to your existing offer templates. To learn more about offer templates, click here.

Note: The DocuSign integration originally launched with a single signature token: {{SIGNATURE_DATE}}. While we strongly recommend you update any existing offer letter templates to use the new tokens, the legacy token {{SIGNATURE_DATE}} is still supported.

Using DocuSign within your interview plan

DocuSign's e-signature capabilities can only be used for candidates who reach and are active in the offer stage in Greenhouse Recruiting. It's not possible to utilize DocuSign functionality with earlier stages in your interview plan.

For additional documents that may require e-signature capabilities such as NDAs, check out our Forms tool.

Sending multiple documents for signature

In order to use the DocuSign integration, the offer letter must be generated through Greenhouse Recruiting.

If you prefer to upload one or more documents from your computer rather than generating from an offer template, click Upload instead of Generate.

To send more than one document through DocuSign, you'll need to follow one of the two outlined processes:

  • Multi-select documents in the finder from your computer and upload them simultaneously. If you upload one document and then click Upload again to select another, the second document will replace the first.
  • Upload additional offer documents as offer templates to allow for signature. Once the documents have been configured as offer templates, select the offer letter and additional offer templates using Generate.