Add prospects to Greenhouse Recruiting via LinkedIn RSC integration

Permissions: Job Admin who can manage CRM and unattached prospects 

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Note: This article applies to organizations that have either Greenhouse CRM or the prospects feature.

If your organization doesn't have Greenhouse CRM or the prospects feature, click here to learn about adding profiles via LinkedIn RSC as candidates instead.

Once the LinkedIn RSC integration is enabled for your organization, users who have connected their respective Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts to LinkedIn Recruiter can add prospects to jobs and/or prospect pools directly from their LinkedIn Recruiter accounts.

In this article, we will cover how to:

Note: This integration is not available for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite accounts.

Export prospect from LinkedIn Recruiter to a job or prospect pool

Navigate to a prospect's profile from your LinkedIn Recruiter account and click the ellipsis ellipsis.png beside the prospect's name.

Select Export to ATS from the dropdown menu.


Use the subsequent dialog box to search for a job name, job ID, or prospect pool in your organization. Select the job you would like to assign to the prospect and click Export.

Note: In order to export a prospect to a prospect pool, users need the user-specific permissions Can manage CRM and Can manage unattached prospects.


The prospect is assigned to the job or prospect pool in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Note: When you export a prospect from LinkedIn Recruiter to Greenhouse Recruiting, the prospect's source will show as LinkedIn (Prospecting), with 'Who gets credit' set as the person who exported the candidate.

View prospect imported from LinkedIn Recruiter

Navigate to the job in your Greenhouse Recruiting account and click Candidates.


From the panel on the left, click Application Type > Type, then select either Prospects only or Candidates + Prospects from the dropdown. This filters the job's Candidates list to include prospects.

Click into the appropriate prospect's profile to see the jobs the prospect has been assigned to during the LinkedIn Recruiter export.

Note: When you export a prospect to Greenhouse Recruiting via the Export to ATS button in LinkedIn Recruiter, the prospect will have a LinkedIn 1-click export candidate tag. Read more about candidate tags here.


Note: To navigate to the prospect's LinkedIn profile through the LinkedIn RSC integration, the prospect must have an email address associated with their Greenhouse profile. Imported prospects from LinkedIn Recruiter must have their email addresses input manually due to LinkedIn's scraping software policy.