Application Rules

Application Rules are automatic actions applied to job post questions. These automatic answers are triggered when an applicant's response to the question fulfills the conditions of the rule. By creating application rules, your organization can filter candidates into subsets defined by automated and customizable criteria. 

Managing Application Rules

You can manage application rules by clicking on the Configure tab from your Dashboard, and navigating to Job Board from the left-hand panel. Select a job board from the list and click on Edit Job Posts (#).


Choose a job posting and click # rules or Manage Rules under the Application Rules column.


From the Rules page, you can edit, delete, and add new rules. Click edit.png to edit existing rules. If you would like to delete an existing rule, click delete.png


To create a new application rule, click Add a Rule. In the new dialogue box, you can select a question, choose a response, and assign the rule that will be triggered when that response is given. In the subsequent sections we will briefly cover what rules can be applied. 



With auto-tags you can automatically assign the candidate a certain tag based on their response to the question. This will allow you to then filter the list of candidates by tag to view candidates who answered questions a certain way.

From the Add a Rule dialogue box, select your question, the candidate response, and click the check box for tag


Select tags from the drop-down menu. You can choose as many tags as you want. When you have finished, click Save.

For a more detailed look at configuring auto-tags, click here



Note: Auto-reject is only available for Enterprise customers only.

With auto-reject you can automatically reject candidate applications based on responses to custom job post questions. 

From the Add a Rule dialogue box, select your job post question, the candidate response, and click the check box for Auto-Reject. From the Rejection reason drop-down menu, select the rejection reason that will be assigned to the applicant who answers with the specified response.

Note: You can also tag auto-rejected candidates with customized candidate tags as well.


Optionally, you can also send a rejection e-mail to the applicant using a rejection email template. To send a rejection email, click Send email.

From the additional fields, select an Email Template to send, date the email should be sent, and the timezone. To learn more about customizing email templates, click here.

When finished, click Save.


For a more detailed look at configuring auto-reject, click here.  






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  • Avatar
    Jennifer Ho

    If there is a question that apply to every single job, is there way to mass-apply the tag to a question? Or do we have to manually go into every single job in order to add a tag to a question?

  • Avatar
    Jenny Kong

    Hi Jennifer,

    Great question. There isn't a way to mass-apply a tag to already-existing questions; however, once you've set up the job post with an auto-tag question/rules, you can copy from that job the next time you go to create a new job to ensure the auto-tagged question/rule is included.

    Hope that helps!


  • Avatar
    Caitlin Klitz

    Is there a way to auto-reject someone based on an answer to an application question?

  • Avatar

    Hi Caitlin,

    You can't automatically reject them, but if you follow these steps to auto-tag people, you can quickly filter by a specific tag, then mass reject via the candidates tab.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Stukuls

    I would like to support Jennifer & Caitlin's suggestions for mass-apply &/or auto-reject. I hope that the GH engineers could add those ideas to their list of great potential features!

  • Avatar
    Harvey Alcabes

    I would like to add my support to an auto-reject. A reasonable alternative would be a way to automatically move someone to a different stage (e.g. "To be rejected") based on their answer to a question.

  • Avatar
    Karen Situ

    Hi Harvey,

    Thanks for reaching out regarding an auto-reject feature! At this time, this isn't something on our product roadmap in hopes of granting every candidate the fair consideration of their applications.

    However, we're always welcome to feedback and we thank you for the suggestion! Please feel free to write in anytime!

    All the best,

  • Avatar
    Harvey Alcabes


    As noted above, a very reasonable alternative to auto-reject would be a way to automatically move someone to a different stage (e.g. "To be rejected") based on their answer to a question.


  • Avatar
    Karen Situ

    Hi Harvey,

    Thanks for following up! Currently we don't have the feature to automatically move someone to a different stage based on their answer to a question - since this could skew reporting very easily. However, I believe Murphy's alternative above may also assist with your needs. By auto-tagging candidates based off their responses, you can later filter by these candidates under the Candidates tab and reject them as you wish.

    Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

    All the best,

  • Avatar
    Sabine Schürer

    Will there be a feature for auto-tagging, that is not based on a candidate's answer to a question in the application, but based on the job they are applying to?

    You have 10 open jobs and 3 of them are for a special project, so you might want to add the name of the project as a tag to all candidates who apply for these jobs.

  • Avatar
    Lucia Hoang

    Hi Sabine,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We haven't heard this feedback from other users before, so I'm happy to forward this feedback along to our product team! Thank you so much for your feedback. It really provides us with valuable insights on how we can improve Greenhouse for our users!

    Kind regards,
    Lucia Hoang

  • Avatar
    Aaron Khoo

    Hi there--tried to follow the directions listed here: but was not able to make it work.

    When I copy the question over to another (already existing) job, only the question follows and not the auto-tag rules. How do I copy auto-tag rules as well as the related question between jobs?