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Application Rules Overview


Application Rules are automatic actions applied to job post questions. These actions are triggered when an applicant's response to a question fulfills the conditions of the rule. By creating application rules, your organization can filter candidates into subsets defined by automated and customizable criteria. There are two possible application rules you can configure for your job posts:

Application Rules are managed from the Job Posts page. Click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list.


From the Job Dashboard page, click Job Setup and navigate to Job Posts on the left-hand panel.


Under the Application Rules column, click Manage Rules inline with a specific job post.


From the Rules page, you can edit and delete existing rules, and add new rules. Click edit.png to edit existing rules. If you would like to delete an existing rule, click delete.png.




With auto-tag, you can automatically assign a tag to the candidate based on their response to an application question. This allows your organization to filter the list of candidates by tag(s) to view candidates who answered questions a certain way.

From the Add a Rule dialog box, select your question and the candidate response, then check the box next to Tag.


Select tags from the drop-down menu. You can choose as many tags as you want. When you have finished, click Save.

For a more detailed look at configuring auto-tag, click here.



Note: Auto-reject is available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

With auto-reject, you can automatically reject candidate applications based on responses to custom job post questions.

From the Add a Rule dialog box, select your job post question, the candidate response, and click the check box for Auto-Reject. From the Rejection reason dropdown menu, select the rejection reason that will be assigned to the applicant who answers with the specified response.

Note: You also can auto-tag candidates who are auto-rejected with customized tags by checking the box next to Tag.


Optionally, you can also send a rejection e-mail to the applicant using a rejection email template. To send a rejection email, check the box next to Send email.

From the additional fields, select an Email Template to send, date the email should be sent, and the timezone. To learn more about customizing email templates, click here.

When finished, click Save.


For a more detailed look at configuring auto-reject, click here.