Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: If you would like to sync an external email thread back to the candidate’s Activity Feed, we recommend using either the Greenhouse Gmail add-on or Maildrop.

Greenhouse Recruiting's FlyOnTheWall feature allows your hiring team to discuss a candidate over external email while logging the email thread in the candidate's Activity Feed.

When you use the Email the Team option on a candidate profile or @mention team members on a candidate note, Greenhouse Recruiting automatically CCs the appropriate FlyOnTheWall email address onto the email message and adds a unique token to the signature of the message. This token tells Greenhouse Recruiting which candidate should be associated with messages in this email thread.

FlyOnTheWall email address and token

The appropriate FlyOnTheWall email address and token are automatically attached to the generated email when using the Email the Team or @mention features. The token appears at the bottom of the generated email.

FlyOnTheWall requires the original team email message to be initiated from the candidate’s profile in Greenhouse Recruiting so we can add the unique token. If you email the hiring team from outside of Greenhouse Recruiting and later copy the FlyOnTheWall email address to the thread, the messages will not be matched to a candidate due to the lack of an assigned token.

As long as the team continues to include the FlyOnTheWall email address in the CC of the email thread and keeps the unique token in every message, all emails in the thread will be saved to the candidate’s Activity Feed.