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Here are the cool things you can do via Maildrop:

  1. Attach candidates to a job. Send emails that have attached resumes, cover letters, etc. to a unique job email (to see the table, click here). Then, we'll automatically create a new candidate with all of that information, who is attached to that specific job. 
  2. Bulk resume processing. Send (or have your agencies send) an email with multiple resumes attached by simply putting “BULK” at the beginning of the email's subject line. Easy.
  3. Save a conversation. Automatically save any email to the candidate's activity feed in Greenhouse by either bcc'ing on the email you send them, or by forwarding the candidate's response to the same address.
  4. Unattached prospects. Send prospects to and we'll put them into the system unattached to any specific job. This is a great option for referrals and promising candidates who don't match any open positions.