Permissions: Job Admin or higher

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's Maildrop feature is a convenient way to create and add candidates/prospects to jobs. Additionally, the feature enables your organization to log external email conversations you may be having with candidates/prospects into your Greenhouse account.

In this article, we will cover how to retrieve your organization's job-specific Maildrop email addresses, and detail some ways your organization can leverage the feature.


Note: Maildrop is specifically limited to Greenhouse Recruiting users.

To successfully forward a message from your inbox to create a candidate/prospect or log email conversations, Maildrop must recognize your email address (meaning the email address must be associated with your Greenhouse Recruiting user account).

If you plan to forward messages from multiple email addresses, be sure to add those additional email addresses to your user account.

To add multiple email addresses to your user account, select your initials in the top right corner and select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of account settings menu

Navigate to the Personal Information panel and click the Edit icon edit_2.png.

Screenshot of personal information settings

From the Edit Personal Information page, click Add another email and enter the additional email address(es). When finished, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Screenshot of add another email button

Retrieve your organization's Maildrop addresses

Every open job in your organization is assigned a unique Maildrop email address so users can create candidates in Greenhouse Recruiting via email.

Your entire organization also has access to a separate general Maildrop address that can be used to log email conversations with candidates/prospects, and to create unattached prospects. In this section, we will briefly examine where to find the two types of Maildrop addresses.

Both types of email addresses can be found on your organization's Greenhouse Maildrop page.

To navigate to the Greenhouse Maildrop page, you'll need to open the Add a Candidate page. You find find this page under Add > Candidate

Screenshot of add a candidate

From the Add a Candidate page, click Forward Resume via Email on the left side.


Note: Greenhouse Recruiting does not support auto-forwarding to a Maildrop address from your email client.

Find the email addresses as needed. Check out the sections below for more information on finding a specific address.

Locating job-specific Maildrop addresses

From your organization's Greenhouse Maildrop page, navigate to the table at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of job specific maildrop addresses

This table will list every Open job in your organization with the corresponding job-specific Maildrop email address. Use each job's respective Maildrop email address to create candidates and attach them to the job via email.

Locating Maildrop address to log conversation and create unattached prospects

Your organization's Maildrop address to log email conversations with candidates/prospects and create unattached prospects can be found in Use Case 2 and 3 on the Greenhouse Maildrop page.

Screenshot of maildrop blurb =

Use this Maildrop address to log email conversations with candidates/prospects and create unattached prospects via email.

Use Maildrop in Greenhouse Recruiting 

Attach candidates to a job

Using the Maildrop feature you can easily forward an email from your inbox to a job's unique Maildrop address to create a candidate for that job. Emails forwarded to a job's unique Maildrop address can include attached resumes, cover letters, and so on. All that information will be attached to the new candidate's profile.


If a forwarded message includes an attached resume, Maildrop attempts to parse the resume to help build the candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Since resumes generally follow a fairly standard format, the parsing technology uses that standard structure as a guide to interpret the content and pull out the name, email address, phone number, mailing address, current title, and the current company of the candidate.


Occasionally, a candidate might provide a resume that doesn't follow a standard format, or that includes embedded images. In cases like this, the content cannot be interpreted to build the candidate profile. This causes resume parsing to fail, and the candidate won't be added to Greenhouse Recruiting.

If resume parsing fails, your organization must add the candidate manually.

If a forwarded message does not include an attached resume, Maildrop will attempt to build the candidate’s profile using the information in the email itself, including the name and email address of the candidate.

Note: You'll receive an email notification from that confirms either the candidate was successfully created, or that Maildrop failed to create a candidate and you must add the candidate manually.

In addition, if you send a resume that matches an existing candidate profile (name and email address) to a job-specific Maildrop address, Greenhouse Recruiting adds the resume to the existing candidate profile as an attachment.

Use Maildrop for bulk resume processing

If a member of your organization or an agency wants to create multiple candidates for a job using Maildrop, simply add BULK (all capitalized letters) to the subject heading of the email.

Entering BULK in the subject heading is critical, as this indicates to Maildrop the message includes multiple resumes to be processed. If you don't include BULK, Maildrop processes only one of the resumes and overlooks the rest.


Note: You must enter BULK in all caps in the subject line, or the bulk processing will fail.

Attach multiple resumes to the email and send to the job's unique Maildrop address.

You will receive an email notification letting you know how many candidates were created successfully and how many candidates (if any) failed.

Note: We recommend limiting resume attachments to 10–15 per email when using the bulk resume processing feature.

Log candidate/prospect conversation

Note: If the candidate/prospect is an internal employee at your organization who has a user account in Greenhouse Recruiting, Maildrop cannot be used to log your email conversation. The Maildrop logic purposefully ignores email addresses belonging to internal users at your organization to avoid incorrectly adding them as a candidate.

When a Greenhouse Recruiting user initiates a message to a candidate/prospect from within Greenhouse, that outgoing message is automatically logged in the Activity Feed of the candidate’s profile page. To log any other conversations that go to your email inbox and other email conversations that take place outside of Greenhouse, you can either forward an existing email thread to your organization's general Maildrop address, or BCC your organization's general Maildrop address as you send messages.

Note: Logging prospect conversations via Maildrop count as both a CRM touchpoint and an email in the prospect's Activity Feed, and are counted in the Prospecting Activity Report.

Create unattached prospects

Your organization can also use Maildrop to keep track of a prospect in Greenhouse Recruiting but not attach them to a specific job. This is a great option for referrals and promising candidates who do not match any open positions. Instead of forwarding a message to a job's unique Maildrop address as you would use to add a Candidate, you’ll instead simply forward the message to your organization's general Maildrop address.

Just as with adding a candidate, the information that is used to build the prospect profile depends on whether a resume was attached to the message.

Additionally, including BULK (all capitalized letters) in the subject of an email message with multiple resumes attached creates prospects in bulk (if the resumes can be parsed successfully).

Note: You'll receive an email notification from letting you know whether or not prospects were added successfully.