VIDEO: Manually Adding Candidates

There are 2 different ways to manually add candidates into Greenhouse- this video walks you through each.

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Video Duration: 5m


This applies to users who manage candidates.


Author: Alison Slater
Create Date: [14:15: 05-04-17]
Modified Date: [14:15: 06-02-17]
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    Brad Ostroth

    Great video! Two quick questions, when you do a mail drop for a specific job which stage to candidates show up in? And, Can you do a maildrop for Prospects for a specific job?

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    Kellie Smith

    Hi Brad! If you use job specific maildrop address, the candidate will begin in the first stage of that job.

    The answer to your second question is that you cannot maildrop prospects to a specific job. A workaround would be to submit your applications in bulk to which will create them as prospects on no jobs. Then use a bulk action from the candidates tab when filtered specifically for prospects, then bulk edit those prospects and then select: Add as Prospect to a job.

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    Laura Chaville

    Can we do it with prospects?