Greenhouse for Gmail (Google Add-on)


Note: The legacy Greenhouse Gmail Extension is no longer available to install. If you previously used the extension, we encourage you to switch to the add-on. The Greenhouse for Gmail Add-on has comparable functionality to the extension, and is optimized for better performance on Gmail's current platform.

Greenhouse for Gmail is a specific tool that only works with Google's email service (Gmail). In this article we will cover how to download and authorize access for the Greenhouse for Gmail app. Additionally, we will review the capabilities of the app and demonstrate how to export a candidate's email from Gmail to Greenhouse.


Download Greenhouse for Gmail

Open your Gmail account and click the Settings icon Screen_Shot_2018-04-27_at_10.03.28_AM.png in the upper-right hand corner to access the drop-down menu. Click Get add-ons.


From the subsequent menu, click Greenhouse.


Click Install.


Follow the installation directions, which include granting the application permission to view your email messages and settings, to run as a Gmail add-on etc...


When you have finished, return to your Gmail account.


Authorize Access for Greenhouse for Gmail

Open any email in your Gmail account and navigate to the Greenhouse icon in the right-hand panel.

NoteThe Greenhouse for Gmail add-on will only appear in the right-hand panel when an email is open in the viewer pane.

From the slide panel, click Authorize Access.


Use the subsequent dialog box to input your Greenhouse credentials. When you have finished, click Authorize.


Greenhouse for Gmail is now authorized to connect your Gmail and Greenhouse accounts.


Greenhouse for Gmail Overview

Greenhouse for Gmail scans the the headers of an email for email addresses that matches candidates in your Greenhouse account.

Note: The Greenhouse for Gmail add-on will only appear in the right-hand panel when an email is open in the viewer pane.

In instances where there are no matches between the email addresses scanned in the header and your Greenhouse account, the Greenhouse for Gmail app will indicate that no match was found.


If a match between an email and a candidate account in Greenhouse is found, the Greenhouse for Gmail app will populate the details of that account in the widget.

The widget will display the matched candidate's name, contact information, and job(s) the candidate is currently associated with. Additionally, there are links to view the candidate's profile in Greenhouse and the option to export the currently viewed email to Greenhouse.



Export Candidate's Email to Greenhouse

If you would like to export a candidate's email to their corresponding account in your Greenhouse account, open the Greenhouse for Gmail app while viewing the email.  


The Greenhouse for Gmail app will display the timestamp and initial contents of the email. Click Export to Greenhouse.


The email will be exported to the candidate's profile in Greenhouse as an Activity Feed entry.