Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Sterling Interactive (US/EMEA) allows your organization to initiate orders for candidate background screenings, check the order status, and view screening results within Greenhouse Recruiting, with integrated support through the Sterling platform. 

Set up the integration

To set up the integration, contact your Sterling Interactive Account Manager to obtain your organization's credentials for the integration. You will need the following credentials from Sterling:

  • Account
  • Password
  • Clientid
  • Authkey

Once you've received these credentials, click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Technical Support team.

Note: Don't send the credentials in your initial email.

The Greenhouse Technical Support team will respond with a SendSafely link for you to securely provide the credentials. A notification will be sent to the Greenhouse Technical Support team after you've entered the credentials, and they'll email you to confirm the integration is enabled.

Note: To verify your identity, the Greenhouse Technical Support team might request you to provide a Support Verification Code.

Use the integration

Once the integration is configured, navigate to a candidate's Private tab to initiate orders for background screenings, check the status of existing orders, and view background screening results.

Note: To access the Private tab, a user must be either a Site Admin with additional permission to see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs/offers assigned, or a Job Admin with permission to view and edit private candidate and application fields.

Place an order for a background screening

To initiate an order for a background screening at any time, click the Private tab on a candidate's profile page.

Click Export to Sterling in the Background Check stage, and Greenhouse Recruiting will send the candidate's first and last names, email address, and phone number to the Sterling platform.

Click Complete Report, which automatically redirects you to the Candidate View in Sterling Interactive (US/EMEA) where you can proceed with completing and submitting the order.

Note: To check the status of the order in Greenhouse Recruiting at any time during the screening process, navigate to the candidate's profile > Private tab > Background Check panel.

One of the three following statuses will be displayed, depending on what information Sterling has provided to Greenhouse Recruiting about the background check:

  • New
  • Pending
  • Complete

Click Complete Report, which automatically redirects you to the Candidate View in Sterling where you can proceed with completing and submitting the order.

In Sterling, you'll be prompted to enter additional information for the background check order and submit for the invitation to be sent to the candidate.


Once the screening is complete, return to the candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting > Private tab > Background Check panel > Result field.

Additional resources

For additional information not covered here, reach out to your Sterling Account Manager or email


Does background check information stay on a candidate’s profile permanently or are there cases where it will be deleted?

Each background check report is a standalone unit; Sterling Interactive doesn't maintain a running profile on an individual. Each report remains on record for 7 years. In some cases, it may be deleted earlier, either because deletion is required by applicable local law, or because the deletion is requested by the candidate or the end user of the report and Sterling Interactive is not subject to a legal or third-party obligation to retain the order.

Who is notified by Sterling Interactive (US/EMEA) when a background check is complete and how are they notified? Do you have example screenshots of this?

Once the background check is completed, the recruiter will be notified in Greenhouse Recruiting. Anyone on the CC or BCC lines or distribution list will also be notified of the completed status. The candidate can request a copy of their background report. If the candidate requests a copy of their background report, it will be sent via email. If the candidate has opted into receiving SMS, the candidate will be notified via email and SMS.

Does the integration support international background checks?

International background checks are supported on the Sterling platform, but there are some language and jurisdiction limitations. For more information regarding these limitations, contact Sterling.

What permissions does a user need to export a candidate to Sterling Interactive (US/EMEA)?

User permissions are controlled by the employer and account settings, order rules, and security policies.

What permissions does that user need to view the results in Sterling Interactive (US/EMEA)?

Permissions are controlled by the employer and account settings, order rules, and security policies. Sterling Interactive (US/EMEA) will post back the overall status to Greenhouse Recruiting for all orders.