Approvals give your organization more control over when jobs can be opened and when offers can be generated and sent to candidates.

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about using approvals.

How do I set up approvals?

To start using approvals, go to Configure > Approvals. New approval processes apply to future jobs only. They don’t affect active or closed jobs.

What’s the difference between one-stage and two-stage job approvals?

One-stage job approvals require approval to start recruiting for a job. Two-stage job approvals require approval both to start recruiting for a job and also to send an offer to a candidate.

How do I add a user as an approver?

To add an approver to a default approval process, go to Configure Configure-icon.png > Approvals. Click Add approval step, then select a user or custom job field from the dropdown and click Save.

Note: Only the following users can be selected as approvers:

  • Site Admins with the user-specific permission Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers
  • Job Admin with the permission stripe Can view and edit private job fields and approve/request approval on jobs on All Future Jobs

Learn more about approval permissions.

How can I use a custom job field to add an approver?

Also known as role-based approvals, you can use a custom job field to adjust approvers on a per-job basis.

The custom job field acts like a placeholder in the default approvals process, giving you the flexibility to adapt the approvals process for each job.

To start, create a custom job field with the Field type set to "User."

Note: Only users with the appropriate approval permissions will be displayed on the dropdown list.

Click the checkbox next to Use for job approvals and/or Use for offer approvals. You'll also be asked to give the field a name.


Your new custom field will appear whenever you create a new job, and you'll be prompted to select a specific user from the field's dropdown list. The user you choose is automatically added to the approvals process on the new job anywhere the custom job field is listed.

Example: Imagine you want every new job to be approved by the job’s department manager, Marianne, before recruiting can start. Instead of adding Marianne to your default approvals process, you create and select a custom job field named “Department manager.” When you create a new job, you select Marianne from the "Department manager" dropdown list. 


Can I change the approval process for a specific job?

Yes. You can override the default approval process set for your organization in order to tailor the process to a specific job. Changes made at the job level won’t affect your organization’s default approval configuration.

What happens if a user who’s named as an approver is out of office?

If someone named as an approver is unable to act on an approval, a Site Admin can approve on their behalf.

What happens if I change an approver before the approval process ends?

Approval steps that have been completed on a job won’t change. The previous approver’s name will still appear in the Job Approvals section, along with the date of their approval. This provides documentation for the rest of the team.

Approval steps that haven’t been completed will use the new approver.

A job field was edited on an open job, but the approval didn't retrigger. Why?

Approvals will retrigger only if the open job is using two-stage approvals.