Create a schedule for campaign pool messages

Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Campaign-level schedules allow Sourcing Automation users to create one consistent delivery schedule for all messages in a campaign pool. Every campaign step message, regardless of the configured sender, will send according to the time zone and daily schedule set at the campaign level.

When you configure a campaign-level schedule for your campaign pool, this schedule will replace each step sender’s schedule in their personal Sourcing Automation account settings.

Note: Campaign-level schedules are turned off by default in each campaign pool. Follow the steps below to turn on and begin using a campaign-level schedule for your campaign pool.

Configure a campaign-level schedule

Note: Campaign-level schedules can be configured by Sourcing Automation admins, campaign pool owners, and Sourcing Automation users granted edit access by a campaign pool owner.

Open the Sourcing Automation campaign pool where you'd like to create a campaign-level schedule.

On your campaign pool page, open the Settings tab.

Navigate to the Schedule tab in Campaign pool settings.

Product manager campaign pool Settings tab in Sourcing Automation with Schedule tab highlighted

Click the toggle to Enable campaign-level scheduling.

Campaign pool settings page with Schedule tab opened and Enable campaign level scheduling turned on and highlighted

When you first turn on campaign-level scheduling, the new schedule uses the following default settings:

  • Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm
  • The campaign pool owner's timezone, configured in account settings

Click Edit schedule to update the timezone and daily schedule hours for sending messages from this campaign pool.

Campaign level schedule turned on with default schedule settings and Edit schedule button highlighted

Click Add time range to create a delivery schedule for any day that doesn't currently have one.

Campaign pool campaign level schedule settings for Sunday with Add time range button highlighted

Update the From and To fields with the start and end times for the time range in which you'd like to send prospect messages that day.

Click to remove the time range.

Campaign level schedule for Monday with From and To time range fields filled out and highlighted

You can also create multiple schedules for each day. Click Add another to set an additional time range for delivering prospect messages on the same day.

Campaign level schedule settings for Tuesday with Add another button highlighted

Once you're ready, click Save changes to complete your campaign-level schedule.

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