Permissions: Basic and above

Product tier: Available to Expert subscription tier

A sandbox is a test environment that allows you to evaluate configurations, workflows, integrations, and more — all without disturbing real data or your recruiting teams. Your sandbox works just like a production environment, with the same features and capabilities, enabling you to test real-world scenarios.

We've collected answers to a few commonly asked questions about sandbox.

Who can access a sandbox?

Anyone who is added as a user to your sandbox can access the sandbox. However, logins are not interchangeable between your sandbox and your production environments. When accessing a sandbox, ensure you're using sandbox-specific login credentials. Learn more.

What are some common uses for a sandbox?

You can use your sandbox as a safe place to play with data, test configurations, and evaluate real-world scenarios. Here are some common uses for sandboxes:

How do I create a new sandbox?

Organizations that are Expert subscription tier are able to use a sandbox. Your Greenhouse account team can help you enable a new sandbox.

Is access to sandbox logged in the production change log?

No, access to your sandbox isn't recorded in the production change log.

How do I mirror my production environment?

It isn't possible to mirror data from your production environment to your sandbox environment. However, you can manually build test data by adding mock candidates, fake jobs, or organizational settings that match your production environment.

Can single sign-on (SSO) be enabled in my sandbox?

Yes, you can enable SSO on a sandbox. We recommend using a sandbox instance of your SSO to add the sandbox Greenhouse Recruiting environment.