Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Internal jobs are now available on your dashboard

The internal job board tile promotes internal mobility by making internal jobs more visible to employees. From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, you can filter to see jobs you're interested in, open the internal job board, and set up email notifications to be alerted about new opportunities.

CRM & Events

Set permissions to view or edit your campaign pools

When creating a campaign pool, you can grant anyone with a Sourcing Automation seat permission to view or edit your campaign pool.

Use an email alias to send campaign pool emails

Organizations with Sourcing Automation can now send campaign step emails on behalf of a Gmail alias.


Harvest API enhancements

You can now edit closed job openings with Harvest API, including custom opening fields that don't trigger reapproval.


  • Candidate sourcing: Draftboard leverages the world's social graph, behavioral incentives, and feedback loops to fix talent sourcing.
  • Candidate sourcing: Refer helps companies turn anyone into an independent recruiter – hiring faster and retaining talent longer through personalized, scalable candidate referrals.
  • Candidate testing: Alooba enhances your hiring process with customizable, data-driven assessments for data roles, seamlessly integrated with Greenhouse.
  • Candidate testing: HireQuotient develops business skills assessments and realistic mini job simulations to test candidates' abilities, allowing you to screen candidates efficiently with minimal time and effort.
  • Candidate testing: Testlify offers pre-hiring assessments for recruiters to evaluate candidate skills and allows you to seamlessly add these assessments to your interview plans in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Optimization: Silatus leverages powerful AI technology to generate detailed, professional job descriptions automatically when you create a new job post.
  • Other integrations: JobVyne fully automates your employee referrals in less than 60 minutes and leverages the power of social media.
  • Other integrations: Make empowers you to build multi-step workflows with Greenhouse and thousands of HRIS, IT, and project management apps.

Bug fixes

  • Harvest API did not display all job openings when paginating results from the GET: List Job Openings endpoint.
  • Some users were unable to log in to Greenhouse Recruiting with two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Forms copied from an existing job didn't display in the same order on a new job.
  • Users weren't notified when their job ad failed to post due to an expired credit card or other payment method failure.
  • A small proportion of candidate survey data was reported incorrectly in Business Intelligence Connector.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding users attempting to delete a completed E-Signature document had to click the Delete button twice.
  • Employees rehired in Greenhouse Onboarding were reassigned E-Signature documents that they had signed previously.