Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Sync office, department and custom fields with Okta

Users who have enabled SCIM for Okta can now sync even more fields. SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is an open standard that allows you to create, update and deactivate users in Greenhouse Recruiting more efficiently.

HRIS Link enhancements

You can now manage HRIS Link for hired candidates directly in Greenhouse Recruiting! HRIS Link can export hired candidates, allowing you to sync new hire information with your HRIS.

CRM & Events

Grant access to Sourcing Automation as a Site Admin

Site Admins can now grant Sourcing Automation seats to users without having to take up an Admin seat themselves. This allows your organization to reserve seats only for those actively using Sourcing Automation.

Bug fixes

  • Users experienced an error when attempting to resend a verification email for an existing email address with the POST: Add Email Address to User Harvest API endpoint.
  • The Pipeline by Demographic and Prospecting Activity reports appeared blank when users removed the Sum of Total or Percentage of Total display filters.
  • Users with more than 100 contacts in a Sourcing Automation campaign were shown the error message Not sending messages – Unable to send even though campaign emails were successfully sent.
  • In jobs requiring GDPR compliance, candidates who gave consent to process data were mistakenly marked with a Candidate Consent Denied banner if they denied consent to retain data.
  • Custom agency questions set to display for specific office locations were duplicated for each selected location.
  • Users who updated custom offer fields with child field dependencies could no longer see their child fields when creating new offers.
  • Interviews scheduled in Mexico City and Guadalajara time zones did not display the correct time.
  • Custom field options in Korean did not display correctly.
  • Candidates hired in Greenhouse Recruiting were not converted to pending hires in Greenhouse Onboarding for some organizations using the LinkedIn RSC integration.
  • Custom field tokens in Greenhouse Onboarding did not display correctly if the field's display name included special characters.
  • When adding pending hires to Greenhouse Onboarding manually or by CSV import, coworker fields did not match and displayed an error if an employee's user name included additional blank spaces.