Permissions: Job Admins and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The Goals report dashboard offers a one-stop, at-a-glance view into how your organization's company goals are progressing over time. Use this dashboard to monitor your goal attainment levels quickly and gain actionable insights for your hiring strategies.

View goals report dashboard

Navigate to the Reports tab and select Dashboards from the left panel.


Click the Goals tab on the Dashboards page.


On the Goals dashboard page, you'll find widgets that display your attainment percentage for each company goal over the period of time you've selected as a filter. Scroll to check out available widgets or adjust filters to narrow your dashboard results.

Note: Attainment percentages are calculated as the number of actions completed on time (based on your organization's target value) divided by the total number of actions taken during the last 90 days (or the time period you've selected as your filter).


Click on a widget's title to view the full report for each company goal.


Available widgets

Use the following dashboard widgets to learn more about your organization's progress on company goals.

Time in stage attainment

Use this widget to see your organization's current attainment of the time in stage company goal.


Time to approve offers attainment

Use this widget to measure your organization's current attainment of the time to approve offers company goal.


Time to review applications attainment

Use this widget to measure your organization's current attainment of the time to review applications company goal.


Time to schedule available candidates attainment

Use this widget to measure your organization's current attainment of the time to schedule available candidates company goal.


Time to submit scorecards attainment

Use this widget to measure your organization's current attainment of the time to submit scorecards company goal.


Filter dashboard

You can use the following filters to adjust your dashboard's results and quickly find the company goal metrics you need.

Last 90 days

Apply the Last 90 days filter to see how your organization has progressed with company goal attainment over a specific date range. By default, this filter will show you goal attainment metrics for the last 90 days. You can also select from a variety of different date ranges or create a custom date range for your filter.


Note: To optimize performance, Goals data is only available for the last 365 days.

Save dashboard

After you've customized your Goals report dashboard's filters, you can save your dashboard to access your favorite views and metrics at any time.

Note: Only Advanced and Expert tier users can save report dashboards.

Click Save in the top right corner of your Goals report dashboard.


In the Save Dashboard window, provide a name for your dashboard. Click Save.


You can navigate to the Saved section of the Reports page to access your saved Goals report dashboard later.