Permissions: Owners and Coordinators

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

The feedback feature in Greenhouse Onboarding allows your team to survey new hires about their onboarding experiences. Use feedback to report on successes and gaps in your organization's onboarding plan.

Enable feedback

To enable feedback questions, navigate to Settings from your homepage navigation bar.

Settings tab highlighted on the homepage navigation bar

On the Settings page, select Onboarding Plan Feedback from the left panel.

Settings page with the onboarding plan feedback tab highlighted in the left panel

Toggle on Feedback from your new hires to activate the feedback feature.

Button toggle to turn on feedback feature highlighted in settings

Note: Switch this toggle off to deactivate feedback questions for your entire organization.

Create feedback questions

Greenhouse Onboarding provides a few basic feedback questions that are available to you by default. You can add to this list of questions based on the type of feedback you'd like to collect for your organization.

Default feedback questions highlighted on the feedback settings page

To create new feedback questions, click Add a Question.

Note: Feedback questions require a yes or no answer.

Add a question button highlighted on the feedback settings page

You can also edit or delete feedback questions at any time.

Learn more about creating and editing feedback questions in Greenhouse Onboarding.

New hire perspective

New hires will receive feedback questions in an email based on the schedule you defined when creating questions. They'll also receive reminder emails for 14 days for any unanswered feedback questions.

Feedback request email with get started button

New hires can click Get Started to navigate to Greenhouse Onboarding and respond to their assigned feedback questions. They'll click Submit Answers to submit their feedback.

New hires won't be able to change their answers to feedback questions after they've submitted responses.

Feedback response page from new hire perspective with feedback fields highlighted

Note: You can remove feedback questions from a new hire's profile at any time. Reminder emails will stop being sent if you delete unanswered feedback questions.

Review feedback responses

New hire feedback responses will be automatically forwarded in an email to the recipient you selected when creating feedback questions.

Email notification to manager with new hire feedback responses

Coordinators and Owners can monitor any new hire's responses to feedback questions on the Greenhouse Onboarding homepage or in the new hire's employee profile. They also have access to a feedback report to quickly assess feedback responses from all employees in your organization.

Note: Greenhouse Onboarding users with custom access to manage feedback will be able to see responses in employee profiles and the feedback report for employees that match criteria defined in the custom role. Learn more about granting custom access to manage onboarding feedback.

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