Permissions: Coordinators and Owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Use the feedback feature in Greenhouse Onboarding to survey new hires about their onboarding experience and assess how successful your onboarding program is.

Greenhouse Onboarding provides default feedback questions that will automatically be sent to your new hires once the feedback feature is enabled. You can create new feedback questions at any time, as well as edit and delete existing feedback questions.

Create new feedback questions

To create a new feedback question, click Settings on your homepage navigation bar.


Select Feedback from the left panel of the Settings page.


On the Onboarding Feedback page, click Add a Question.


In the New Feedback Question window, enter your new feedback question in the Question to ask new hire field.


Select a time to send this question to new hires. Choose from the following options:

  • On Start Date – send this question to new hires on their start date
  • Custom – specify how many days after the start date to send this question to new hires


Use the following optional filters to send feedback questions to a specific set of new hires instead of all new hires from your organization:

  • Department matches – send this question to new hires from a specific department
  • Location matches – send this question to new hires in a specific location
  • Employment status matches – send this question to new hires with a specific employment status
  • Other criteria matches – send this question to new hires with specific other criteria applied

Note: You can make multiple selections for each filter.


You can also choose to notify specific users in your organization when new hires answer this feedback question. Select to notify users with a custom role, such as Manager, Mentor, or Onboarding Coordinator, or select specific Greenhouse Onboarding users.

Note: You can select multiple recipients to receive notifications when this question is answered.


When you're done, click Save and Create Another to configure another custom feedback question or click Save and Close to save this question and return to the Onboarding Feedback page.

Edit a feedback question

To edit an existing feedback question, click to select it from the list of questions on the Onboarding Feedback page.


In the Edit Feedback Question window, you can edit the following fields:

  • Question to ask new hire
  • When should this question be asked?
  • Applies to new hires whose (Department matches, Location matches, Employment Status matches, Other Criteria matches)
  • Who should be notified when this is answered?

Click Save and Close when you're done editing the feedback question.


Delete a feedback question

To delete an existing feedback question, click to select it from the list of questions on the Onboarding Feedback page.

Click Delete in the Edit Feedback Window. Click Yes, delete it to confirm that you'd like to delete this question.


Note: Deleting a feedback question is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

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