Permissions: Coordinators and owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Surveying New Hires about their onboarding experience enables your team to learn how successful your onboarding program is and ways that it can be improved. With Greenhouse Onboarding's Feedback feature, you can create automated questions for new hires and report on this data to improve your Onboarding process. 

Create a New Feedback Question

Click Settings on the bar at the top of the page.


Select Feedback from the left panel. The Onboarding Feedback questions will display. Any existing feedback questions will display on this page.


Click Add a Question


Enter your question and timing in the available fields. Choose Custom in the timing field to have a new hire receive a question a certain number of days after their start date. 



If needed, you can further define the question so it is only sent to new hires that match the selected criteria. 


You can also specify users who should be notified about responses to feedback questions. You can select a specific role (like Manager) to make the notification specific to the new employee. Additionally, you can select a specific user to always notify them of responses to the question, regardless of the employee's position.


Once you have finished, click on Save and Create Another to configure another custom Feedback question or Save and Close to return.

New Hires will be notified by email at the specified schedule and according to the rules applied to the Feedback Question. When the question is answered and submitted by the New Hire, an email will be sent to anyone selected under the Who should be notified when this is answered? field. Aggregate data of responses can be found in the Feedback report.