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There are a variety of reasons why an interviewer with the appropriate permissions cannot access the interview kit for a candidate.

Review the possible causes and solutions below. If you still need help, reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support.

Has the interviewer signed into Greenhouse Recruiting before?

To access an interview kit using a link, users need to have logged into Greenhouse Recruiting before. 

If an employee in your organization is interviewing a candidate for the first time, they may not have logged into their Greenhouse Recruiting account yet. Be sure to encourage any new interviewers to log into their account before their first interview.

Were changes made to the interview plan?

Occasionally, your recruiting team may need to change the interview plan due to process changes. This could affect current candidates' scheduled interviews and might adjust the interview kit URL in the process, rendering the original calendar invite invalid.

Reach out to your in-house contacts for help generating a new interview kit link. You can also try logging into Greenhouse Recruiting, where the interview kit should appear on your dashboard.

Was the candidate's profile merged?

If a candidate has two profiles in Greenhouse Recruiting, they should be merged to avoid confusion. While merging candidates is the recommended action to take, it can break the interview kit link that appears in a calendar invite and may remove the interview from your Dashboard.

Reach out to your in-house contacts for help accessing the interview kit.

Is the candidate still on the job?

When a candidate is transferred to a new role, the interview kit link in the calendar invite is no longer applicable since it is specific to the previous job and interview.

Reach out to your in-house contacts to confirm the status of the candidate.

Is the job still open?

If the job has closed, interviewers are no longer authorized to access candidates within the job. Because of this, when an interviewer attempts to view an interview kit for a closed job, they may see this error message: Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this page.

Reach out to your in-house contacts to confirm the job’s status.

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