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Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

There are a variety of reasons why an interviewer with the appropriate permissions cannot access the interview kit for a candidate. See the sections below for some common reasons why an interviewer may not be able to access their interview kit.

The job is closed

If the job is closed, the interviewers are no longer authorized to access candidates within the job. Because of this, you may receive this notification when scheduling interviews for a closed job.

The candidate may have been transferred to another job

When a candidate is transferred to a new role, the interview kit URL within the calendar invite is no longer applicable since it is specific to the previous job and interview. 

The candidate might have been recently merged 

When a candidate is merged into another profile, the interview kit URL within the calendar invite may no longer apply since the interview kit URL might have changed due to the merging process.

The interview plan may have recently been adjusted and the current interview was removed or edited

Sometimes during the interview process, members of your recruiting team might find it necessary to change the interview plan due to process changes. Because of this, it could affect any current candidates' scheduled interviews and might adjust the interview kit URL in the process - rendering the calendar invite invalid.