We're rebranding. How do we update all of our user email addresses?

If your organization is rebranding or has updated its email domain, the Greenhouse Customer Support team can assist you with updating all user email addresses in bulk. This article provides an overview of that process; for more information, see the following articles: 

How do I begin the process of bulk updating email addresses?  

Open a support ticket and request a bulk update of your organization's user email addresses.  

Note: To make this request, you must be a Site Admin with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions 

What happens after I open a support ticket?

Our Support team will provide you a comma separated list (CSV) and ask you to update the New Email column for all of your users, then return the list to the Support team. Upon receipt, we will complete the bulk upload for you, and then notify you via email when the process is finished. 

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. Each updated user will receive an email from Greenhouse to confirm their new email address. Users must click the link within 24 hours of receipt for the confirmation to be successful. If a user does not click the link within 24 hours, a new link must be sent. 

If you would like to set the new email addresses as the primary email address for all updated users, please indicate this to our Support team when you open the ticket. If you elect to use this option, once a user verifies their new email address, the new email address automatically will be set as the primary email address on their updated user account.