We're rebranding. How do we update all of our user email addresses?

If your organization is rebranding or has updated its email domain, the Greenhouse Technical Support team can assist you with updating all user email addresses in bulk.

How can I bulk update email addresses to a new domain?

You can't bulk update email addresses directly in Greenhouse Recruiting. However, you can open a support ticket and request a bulk update. Greenhouse Technical Support will be able to guide you on this process.

Note: To make this request, you must be a Site Admin with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions. 

How does the process work after I put in a request?

After you open a support ticket, you will need to grant the Greenhouse Technical Support team the temporary access option to Allow access to all accounts at your organization and perform additional admin operations.

The Greenhouse Technical Support team will then send you a comma-separated list (CSV) file containing all your users.

Next, you'll need to update the New Email column for all of your users and send it back to the team.

After the updated file is received, Technical Support will complete the bulk update and notify you through email when it's finished.

What do users need to do after their email address is updated?

After the bulk update is finished, each updated user will receive an email from Greenhouse to confirm their new email address.


Note: Email addresses can’t be marked as Primary until the new email address is verified. 

Users will need to click the links included in the confirmation email to verify the new email address to leverage communication features such as notifications, reminders, and interview kits within Greenhouse Recruiting.

However, this step isn't required to access Greenhouse Recruiting using the new email address or through Single Sign-On (SSO).

As long as the email address you attempt to log in with matches an email address on your account, you will be able to log in with that address. 

Will these new emails be marked as Primary?

By default, the new email address will be added as a secondary email address on the user's account.

However, if you'd like to set the new emails as Primary for the updated users, include that information in your initial request.

If you elect to use this option, once a user verifies their new email address using the emailed verification link, it will automatically be set as the Primary address on their user account.

Once the new Primary email has been set, you can then manually remove the secondary email from your Account Settings if it's no longer needed.

To learn more on removing a secondary email from your account, click here.

Note: Users must click the link to verify their new email address within 24 hours of receipt. If a user doesn't click the link within 24 hours, a new link must be sent.

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