Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access, a Sourcing Automation seat, and LinkedIn RSC

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Once your prospects are added to a campaign pool, use the LinkedIn RSC integration to send them InMail messages without leaving your Sourcing Automation workflow.

Note: InMail messages sync to the activity feed. If your organization complies with GDPR, the Site Admin can create a data retention rule to delete LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Notes. Check out this guide to learn more. 

Send LinkedIn InMail

In order to send InMail messages, you must have available credits or be a first-degree connection with the prospect.

Navigate to the Tasks tab within the campaign pool and select a task marked LinkedIn InMail. Screenshot of the tasks tab.

Begin personalizing the message by clicking Send InMail.

Screenshot of the send inmail button.

Note: The LinkedIn profile must be connected prior to sending the message. Locate the prospect from the suggested list and click Link next to their profile. Learn more about connecting a LinkedIn profile. 

Click Copy subject and paste it into the Subject line. Then, click Copy body and paste the text into the email body.

Add personalization to your message as needed.

Use the following LinkedIn icons to further customize your message:

Icon Description
Screenshot of the attachment icon. Add attachments to the message
Screenshot of the pencil icon. Edit the signature
Screenshot of the lock icon. Limit visibility to the conversation
Screenshot of the eye icon. Preview the message

The following actions are not recommended for this integration:

  • The calendar icon Screenshot of the calendar icon. allows you to connect your calendar so prospects can schedule a meeting; however, this feature doesn't sync with the meetings booked report because the attendee list isn't included in the invite. 
  • The save as new template option allows you to use the template when sending new InMail messages. Since your message will vary with each prospect (for example, their name), we recommend copying the subject line and body from the step, then adding personalization. 

When finished, click Send to deliver the InMail. Then, click Mark as complete to remove the task from the list.

Repeat this process for each InMail task.

Note: The messages are delivered within an hour of hitting send. It can also take up to an hour to sync inbound and outbound messages between Greenhouse and LinkedIn.

Additional resources

Learn about the additional actions available for managing prospects in a campaign pool here.

If you have questions about the integration, review answers to our frequently asked questions.