Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date with what's new at Greenhouse by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Introducing U.S. standard demographic questions

U.S. standard demographic questions are part of Greenhouse Recruiting's Inclusion feature set and offer pre-made, best practice survey questions for customers looking to collect demographic data from candidates.

Standard demographic questions are designed to collect data in an inclusive way. Use standard demographic questions to help you better understand your hiring pipeline and uncover biases.

Read more here: U.S. standard demographic questions.

Greenhouse Onboarding

Reassign the counter signer for e-signature documents

When an e-signature document is assigned to an employee that requires a counter signature, people with permission to manage signature requests can now reassign the counter signer to a different employee.

Read more here: Assign or reassign the counter signer for e-signature documents.


Enhanced Harvest API capabilities

A new created_at timestamp is now available on the offer_letter object for applications in the Harvest API. You can use this to determine which offer letters in your response are the most recent.

Read more here: Developer Resources > Harvest API change log.

Bug fixes

We fixed a visual bug on the Configure page that users experienced when resizing the browser window.

We fixed an issue in which the My Reminders tile was showing reminders out of order on the My Dashboard page.

We fixed an issue in which low and high end pay ranges were not being passed to Indeed from job ad market campaigns.

We fixed an issue with web hooks attempting to fire past our retry policy.

We fixed an issue on the job kickoff form in which people weren't able to search for custom job fields in the Job Info section.

We fixed an issue with dependent custom offer fields appearing on offer packets when the dependency wasn't justified.

We fixed an issue in which Job Admin without the ability to manage agency recruiters were able to view the Agencies page.