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  • Candidate sourcing: is a talent search and engagement engine that helps you find one billion candidates worldwide and reach them at scale. This integration allows users to find and reach newly qualified candidates in and save their profiles, including contact details, in Greenhouse.
  • Job board: Largely is a talent marketing software that helps companies capture authentic employee content at scale to attract amazing talent. Largely boosts your recruitment marketing strategy across multiple channels with a focus on your job postings and custom campaign pages. To be competitive, companies must focus on telling their story. Make sure they hear from you directly, with Largely.
  • Optimization: Metaview is an interview intelligence platform that seamlessly records interviews, then empowers interviewers with objective insights, personalized feedback, and automated training to increase the quality and consistency of their interviews.
  • Scheduling tools: Screenloop is the leading hiring intelligence solution that predicts great hires with objective analytics. With AI-powered insights and in-depth training, hiring teams can engage, interview, and onboard talent more efficiently, strategically, and fairly.

Bug fixes

When users deleted prospect profiles in bulk, candidate profiles were mistakenly deleted as well.