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Greenhouse Recruiting

New visualizations in essential reports

With the addition of reporting bar charts in the prospecting and interviewing activity reports, you can now better visualize pipeline activity and gain greater insight into your team's workload and overall effectiveness!

Read more about Greenhouse Recruiting's essential reports here: Essential reports overview.


  • Candidate testing: Sapia transforms your hiring process by offering a revolutionary smart touch interview process, providing insights for both candidates and hiring teams.

Bug fixes

  • To clarify interview confirmation emails for candidates scheduled in Arizona, we added an Arizona timezone abbreviation.
  • We removed references to deprecated Glassdoor features in Greenhouse Recruiting, such as 'Allow candidates to apply with Glassdoor Easy Apply,' because Glassdoor entered into a partnership with Indeed and no longer maintains its own job board feeds.
  • We resolved an issue on the candidate Activity Feed in which textstrings longer than 160 characters resulted in a visual bug.
  • We fixed an issue in Greenhouse Onboarding in which the Cancel button on choreographed instructions was obscured by the Greenhouse Support icon.