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Greenhouse Recruiting

Improved report dashboards

We clarified report dashboards when filtering by date ranges and comparing data to a previous time period. Report dashboards will now show the exact dates being compared at the top of your dashboard!

Screenshot of report dashboard with comparison dates

You can read more about report dashboards here: Report dashboards overview.


  • HRIS and onboarding: Cleary integration is the employee experience platform powering tomorrow’s best places to work by helping them optimize employee journeys starting with onboarding. Use the integration to sync hired candidates to Cleary and guide them in the days before they join your company.
  • HRIS and onboarding: Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR by Joynd integration is an all-encompassing way for companies to manage essential employee information in an HRIS. Use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR integration to simplify benefits, compensation, training, and compliance programs.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue in which some saved reports displayed an error when referencing a department that was deleted.
  • We fixed an issue causing an unresponsive Attach button on internal job post applications.
  • We fixed an issue in which the Job Board API endpoint GET: List jobs failed to return up-to-date job information.
  • We fixed an issue with Site Admin being unable to see filters when using sourcing automation reports.
  • We fixed an issue in which scorecard notifications failed to send if an interview included an interviewer with an email address not associated with a Greenhouse Recruiting user.
  • We fixed an issue with navigation on creating campaign pools. Once a campaign pool is created, sourcing automation now takes you to the campaign pool to finish the setup.