Permissions: Job Admin who can manage offer templates; and Site Admin who can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approvals, and approve jobs/offers

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to upload an offer letter template with placeholder tokens, populate the tokens using the candidate's personalized offer details, and email the offer letter to the candidate.

Click here for more information on creating an offer for a candidate.

Note: Only .docx files can be uploaded as offer letter templates.

Review available tokens

Like creating email templates, you can use tokens in your offer templates to ensure that each generated offer letter is personalized for the candidate.

To review which offer tokens are available for use in your offer template, you can find the token dictionary under Configure icon Configure-icon.png > Offer Templates > All Available Tokens.

If you find a particular token is not available, you can create additional custom tokens by following the steps here.


Create a template in a .docx (Microsoft Word file)

After you've reviewed the templates, you'll need to type out your offer template in Microsoft Word. You'll want to write this template exactly as it should appear when sent to a candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting.

The font used in the offer template uploaded to Greenhouse Recruiting can impact the overall formatting when the file is converted to a .pdf version. To avoid any potential conversion problems, we recommend your organization use one of the font types listed here in your offer letter template.

Here is an example of what a completed offer template with custom tokens might look like:


Note: If you're using another word processing program (like Google Docs), you'll need to download your template as a .docx file.

How to enter tokens in your template

Tokens are a way to format and personalize your offer templates for repeated use. When you use a token (a piece of data enclosed in two brackets, like {{CANDIDATE_FIRST_NAME}} ) in your template, Greenhouse Recruiting recognizes the formatting and replaces the token with the correct piece of data when it is generating.

Your tokens are generated based on how they're formatted in the template, which means there are no automatic spelling or formatting checks when offer letters are generated. So, when you're creating your offer letter templates, write your tokens as if it's part of the sentence.

For example, if you add the following line to your template:

We are excited to offer you the position of {{JOB_NAME}}.

When you generate the offer letter, it will automatically add the job name and look like the sentence below:

We are excited to offer you the position of Senior Software Developer.

You can see a full list of available tokens on the Offer Templates page in the application

Note: Copying and pasting a custom token into a Word document can add invisible formatting to the document, which can cause the token to populate a blank space when you later generate an offer letter using the template.

To prevent this from occurring, we recommend typing tokens (including the brackets) into your document manually, rather than copying and pasting from Greenhouse Recruiting.

Your organization can also define custom tokens (specific pieces of data to be used in templates). See this article for more information on creating a custom token.

Upload and test offer letter template

Note: Job Admins require the additional user-specific permission Can manage offer templates to complete the steps outlined in this section.

After creating your template, you'll need to upload it to Greenhouse Recruiting.

Navigate to the Configure icon Configure-icon.png and click Offer Templates in the left panel.


From the Offer Templates page, click Upload New.


Name your offer template and select a file to upload. If needed, you can also limit the offer templates to specific offices, departments, and employment types by completing the other fields. Click Save Template when you're finished.


Note: The options to show a given offer template for specific offices, departments, or employment types are available for organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription. Organizations with a Basic subscription will see only the options to upload a template, provide a name, and save. Click here to learn more.

Once the offer template is uploaded, click Test next to the offer template.


Greenhouse Recruiting will review the offer template to ensure all tokens included are available in your organization's account. See the section below for more troubleshooting information.


After your tokens are tested, the offer template will be updated to Verified and can be used to send offer letters to candidates.


Note: To generate and send the offer letter template(s) created directly from a candidate profile, Job Admins will need permissions to view and edit offers and approve/request approval on offers and can email candidates/prospects assigned within their job-based permission level.

Troubleshoot token errors

If you're receiving errors when trying to upload an offer template, double-check your template for these issues:

  • Does every token include two open and two close brackets?
  • Have you included any tokens that are not listed under the Available Tokens section on the Offer Templates page?
  • Are all tokens spelled correctly?

If none of the issues in the list above are present and you are still receiving an error, review Why aren't all tokens coming through on an offer letter?

If you continue to experience issues, please contact Greenhouse Technical Support.