View and manage Sourcing Automation seats

Permissions: Site Admin, Job Admin with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat 

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

View seats

You can view your organization's seats from the CRM dashboard

To access the dashboard, click CRM from your Greenhouse Recruiting navigation bar


The Seats panel is located on the right side of the CRM page. Click the arrow icon to view all Sourcing Automation seats. 


The Seats page shows the number of users currently assigned to a seat and the total number of seats granted to your organization. 

Note: It's not possible to add or remove the number of seats granted to your organization. Please contact your Account Manager for further assistance. 


There are two types of seats:

  • Admin: Admin seat users have access to Sourcing Automation with an additional permission to configure seats for other users in the organization.
  • Standard: Users with a standard seat can access Sourcing Automation but cannot configure seats for themselves or other users. 

Your organization's Site Admin(s) can also manage seats without needing an admin seat. 

Add seat users 

Note: Only a Site Admin and/or users with an Admin seat can grant feature access to other users. 

To add a user, click Assign new seat


A row will appear in the panel. Type the user's name in the search bar, then select their name from the dropdown.

Note: All users in your organization appear in the search bar; however, only users with CRM access can utilize Sourcing Automation. Click here to learn how to grant someone CRM access. 


Check the Admin box if you would like the person to be an Admin. Once finished, click Save changes. 


A welcome email is sent to the individual notifying them that they've been granted a seat and includes a link to our Support Site resource

Once all seats have been assigned, the Assign new seat button disappears. 

Edit seat users 

Note: Only a Site Admin and/or users with an Admin seat can edit seats for other users. 

Hover over a user and click Edit.  


The edit function allows you to do the following:

  • Edit admin access for the current user
  • Assign the seat to a different user 

Check or uncheck the Admin box to add or remove Admin access for the current user. Once finished, click Save changes

To assign the seat to a different user, type the new user's name in the search bar and select their name from the dropdown. 

Assign Admin access if needed. Once finished, click Save changes

Remove seat users 

Note: Seats can be reassigned by an alternate Site Admin and/or a user with an Admin seat. Users cannot reassign their own seats.

Hover over a user and click Remove


If all seats were granted, the Assign new seats button will reappear once a user is removed. 

Note: If a person's seat is removed while they're running an active campaign pool, the campaign pool pauses until they're granted a seat and manually relaunch the pool.