Permissions: Site Admin who can edit another user's advanced permissions

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link requires two ISUs to function:

  1. An ISU in your HRIS platform that has full access to your import report and its fields;
  2. And an ISU in Greenhouse Recruiting.

HRIS Link uses the ISU from your HRIS platform to access your report, and it uses the Greenhouse Recruiting ISU to import and update jobs, offices, departments, and users.

Frequently asked questions

What are the impacts of updating or changing the HRIS ISU password?

The HRIS Link integration could fail to update jobs, offices, departments, or users as expected.

HRIS Link doesn't automatically stop running when ISU errors are encountered. As a result, if your organization has a lock-out setting on the ISU in your HRIS platform, the ISU would become locked out, and your team would need to work with the Greenhouse Technical Support team to pause your HRIS Link integrations to allow your HRIS platform to reset the ISU lock-out.

Should I use the same Greenhouse Recruiting ISU for all my HRIS Link imports?

It's not required, but it is recommended to use the same ISU for your HRIS Link integrations.

Can my organization use a different Greenhouse Recruiting ISU for each HRIS Link import?

Yes, each HRIS Link integration is configured individually, and each HRIS Link integration could have distinct ISUs.

Should my organization leverage the same Greenhouse Recruiting ISU as HRIS Link for our different custom option sync integrations?

We don't recommend that you leverage the same ISU for your custom option sync integration as HRIS Link. This configuration could cause downstream errors for integrations if your organization updates ISU credentials regularly.

Currently, the custom option sync integration is configured to automatically pause when ISU credentials are failing, whereas the HRIS Link integration will continue to poll the report and alert your team of the error. As a result, it's possible the HRIS Link integration could cause ISU lock-out issues for your credentials.

What's the best practice if my organization's ISU gets locked out?

Reach out to the Greenhouse Technical Support team and ask them to pause your HRIS Link integration while you correct the login issue.

Note: When reaching out to Greenhouse Technical Support, let the team know if your organization will be generating a new ISU so that Greenhouse Technical Support can provide a secure file transfer method for the ISU password.