Product tier: Available to Expert subscription tier

With Business Intelligence Connector, your recruiting data can be delivered in nightly ETLs to your organization through Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Redshift or S3. Which method you use depends on your organization's processes and tech stack.


With Redshift, Greenhouse hosts the data in our Amazon Redshift instance and will provide your organization with credentials to access your data.

If you use Redshift, the data is already formatted in a relational database and prepared to be plugged directly into your data development tool. However, because Greenhouse maintains the database, you won't be able to control the location or format of the data.

Some organizations prefer Redshift for these reasons:

  • You aren't required to pay for your own storage solution. We'll host the data so you can retrieve it when needed.
  • You don't need internal technical resources to manage a Redshift instance.

Note: Redshift is not available for organizations on the EU silo or on Silo: 101.


S3 is a cloud storage service provided by Amazon Web Services. When using an S3 bucket, your organization hosts and controls all the data in your own database. We'll deliver your data nightly in a .csv to your S3 bucket. 

Note: The .csv files can be easily transformed into a relational database using Athena, another Amazon service. 

Some organizations prefer S3 for these reasons:

  • You can control the authentication credentials (username and password) for your data and grant Business Intelligence Connector permission to send new data.
  • Your organization needs a .csv to manipulate your data.
  • Your organization is on the EU silo or silo 101 and wants to use the Business Intelligence Connector.