Permissions: Site Admin who can create and override default approval flows

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Approvals allow you to configure one or more users to sign off on a job action before it’s allowed to take place.

To create an approval process, go to Configure Configure-icon.png > Approvals.

Choose an office, department, or all jobs

Set up approvals under Default Approvals Required for All New Jobs if you want to apply the approvals process to all jobs in your organization.

Alternatively, you can set up approvals by office, department, or department in an office by clicking Add Approval by office/department.


Example: You could set up an approvals process specifically for your New York office’s marketing department. That approval process would only apply to jobs opened in both that department and office.

Choose job approvals or offer approvals

Navigate to either the Job Approvals or Offers Approvals section.


Users in organizations that don’t have approvals configured will see “No approval required” on the Approvals page.

Click Add Approval Step to create a new approval process or add to an existing one.


Assign, edit, or remove approvers

Assigning approvers works the same way for both job approvals and offer approvals.

After you click Add Approval Step, select a user from the dropdown list or select a custom job field to automatically add a user as an approver on an offer. Click Save.


The name of the user or custom field will appear under the relevant approvals process.


To change an approver to another user, hover over the original user’s name and click the Edit Edit-icon.png icon. To remove an approver, hover over the original user’s name and click the X icon.


Choose the number of approval steps

If you selected more than one approver, choose how many approvals are needed to move the job to the next approval step. 


When you finish, click Save

Choose the order of approval steps

Select whether to request approvals all at once or in order.


Tip: When an approval is sent in order, each step must meet the approval requirements before it can progress. These approvals are best to save time and limit confusion when your organization has a strict approval process. (For example, requiring your finance team to approve new jobs before recruiters can verify the interview kits.)

All at once approvals send the request to all approvers in all steps at the same time. This option is best in organizations where the order of received approvals does not matter.

Continue to add steps as needed to complete your approval process.