Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

Does a new user account created by HRIS Link trigger an email notification to that employee?

HRIS Link does allow organizations to send out invitation emails when the integration creates user profiles. For more information, refer to the user import report specifications here.

Can I manage user permissions with HRIS Link?

No. HRIS Link creates, enables, deactivates, and updates user account details. HRIS Link doesn't assign permissions to users. New users created by HRIS Link are assigned basic permissions.

Does HRIS Link user import support required custom fields?

HRIS Link user import supports required custom fields, if the custom field is marked required on the user import report. If a required custom field has a NULL value on the report, you'll receive an error.

Can I assign users to offices or departments?

Yes, HRIS Link supports assigning users to offices or departments.

Can I assign users custom user fields?

Yes, HRIS Link supports assigning users custom user fields. HRIS Link supports single-select, multi-select, yes / no, or user field types on custom user fields. Read more here: Setup HRIS Link user import > Add custom user fields to your report.

How does HRIS Link work with single sign-on (SSO)?

SSO is the primary mechanism that controls employees' access to Greenhouse. While deactivating an employee's SSO account does prevent them from logging into Greenhouse Recruiting, it won't deactivate their Greenhouse Recruiting account entirely. The user could still appear throughout Greenhouse Recruiting, such as in hiring team assignments. By deactivating user accounts via HRIS Link, you ensure inactive employees are not selectable throughout Greenhouse Recruiting.

Can I use nested groups on my user import report?

No, HRIS Link doesn’t recognize nested groups on your report. Your entity structure should be flat, with just the in-app name, reference_ID, or external_ID displayed.

Can I ask Greenhouse Technical Support for assistance troubleshooting HRIS Link errors?

Yes, Greenhouse Technical Support can assist with troubleshooting HRIS Link errors! If you're unable to resolve an issue using the Support Center, you can open a ticket Greenhouse Technical Support by clicking here. Be sure to include the following details in your ticket:

  • The workflow ID (found in the error notification)
  • Details on the issue